Wii wish you a happy new year

So I’ve been rubbish, and rather being good and do useful things like doing some gardening, digging and getting round to planting my broad beans and actually writing a proper post on here, I went out and drank lots (this was the season to be introduced to the snowball – it wasn’t a nice experience) and partied and saw friends and family, which is the reason of Christmas isn’t it? I was also going to write a nice blog about Yule, but Hedgewizard has done the same thing and much better than I ever could.

I hope you all had a lovely festive season and you all got brilliant gardening related presents. I was given a ton of seeds, a couple of garden ornaments, a giant propagator and a bonsai tree (any tips on looking after that are gratefully received). I also got a great little DV recorder, so expect some crappy little films appearing shortly, and was given this by the best boyfriend in the world ever. I may never leave the house again.

The allotment got it’s first visit of the year yesterday and it’s doing ok. Some of the brussel sprouts are ready for picking, much to Dave’s brother’s excitement (and mine – I finally learned to love the sprout this Christmas) and the PSB is looking healthy, although a couple of them could do with staking and the onions and garlic I planted recently are doing well. I stole my neighbour’s bin to hold some of my garden waste, don’t worry, she won’t notice, she’s not been there for over six months, and yes, I shall be putting it back once I’ve finished using it.

I know fennel should be cut back once it’s finished for fear of having millions of fennel sproutings all over the place, but I find it it a beautiful structure, especially at this time of year, so it’s staying up until spring time.


Have a fab 2007. See you again soon.

6 Responses

  1. So instead of “Halflife Shoulder”, I assume your stock excuse will now be “Wi-ing to much” to go to the lottie…Only joking, is there a game where you can squirt blackfly and chuck things at rabbits?… I’d buy that one.

    Looking forward to “Cinema Vert” as opposed to “Verite” soon.

    Best to you both for 2007!


  2. Happy New Year matie! Dave’s the best if he got you a Wii, you lucky bug 🙂

  3. Fear the Wii. It’s all a plot to keep you away from the allotment. Anyway, based on the same principle that sees people playing car racing arcade games in motorway services, and coming home from a hard day at work earning money only to log on to Second Life and work hard to earn vrtual money, I bet you will soon fall victim to a gardening game where you have to dig and weed and water, and thus will be too knackered to go to your real allotment and grow any real plants.

  4. Cinema Vert – I like it! It’s a whole new genre ready to take the world by storm.

    The Wii’s awesome. Never has the whole family gopt together to play games more then when the Wii came out over xmas. It’s such good fun! Highly reccomended. Once a Harvest Moon comes out there’ll be a gardening game for it, but don’t worry, it won’t stop me going out to the lottie. Mr “I’ve just been promoted, so I’ve bought myself an XBox360” Dave, tends to be hogging the TV somewhat…

  5. Ha! I was so mad when I found out you’d taken the Wii from the den of iniquity. I got to have my sorry ass kicked by Dave on the XBox though–it’s only when I play two-player that I realize how sucky I am at video games–too many buttons. I always play on easy, anyway. Dave did predict the TV wars, I have to admit…

  6. Tis true. There has been one or two discussions over the use of the TV. Poor old Ju gets left on the wayside and gets no choice on the matter at all. Pity her for she has not been able to watch Eastenders or Countryfile for weeks now.

    Sorry Jen, but if I didn’t take the Wii down my sisters would have killed me. You’ll have to visit again soon and have a go.

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