James Martin Digs Deep

As seen on UKTV Food.


Otherwise it seems to be a perfectly good TV programme. It’s not really a gardening programme, just someone showing off his very expensive looking walled kitchen garden, but the recipes are very nice indeed and there are much worse TV chefs to stare at for half an hour too. Like that poisoned dwarf Worrell-Thompson for example.


8 Responses

  1. “Poisoned dwarf Worrell-Thompson” – do you think that’s on his passport?

    Is James Martin the one from Strictly Come Dancing (avoids inappropriate childhood joke)? The one who danced with the blonde girl with legs like pipecleaners? If it’s him, he seems ok on that Saturday morning show, but the whole show leaves me a little flat.

    Mind you, it’s not as bad as that nut-poppingly shite “Full on Food” Shouty, sweaty, awful TV that actually made me try to smoother the TV with a pillow to put it out its misery.

  2. Having just googled Full on Food, I have decided to never try and watch it. It just seems to be a poor man’s Food and Drink. It has reminded me that one day I would love to go to Fat Duck though.

    And yes, James Martin is the blokey from Strictly Come Dancing and he seems like quite a nice chap and you’re right, Saturday Kitchen does lack something. It needs spicing up. Maybe with a bit of cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg perhaps?

  3. Mate, me and you should put a pitch together for the Beeb. “Fooking Good Food” presented by Bella Emberg!

  4. I edited one of Worrall Thompson’s books for the American market. Seriously. But then I used to be Satan.

  5. No, you were never Satan Jen, you’re all sweetness and light (possibily), but your bosses were by he sounds of it.

    So did Worrall Thompson need any changes specifically for the American market?

  6. It was his GI Diet cookbook, and it needed all the usual changes–metric to imperial measurements and vocab (aubergine to eggplant, for example). No major overhaul, since food translates well just on its own merits!

  7. Oh, that’s a shame, I was hoping you got in some sauve, young hansome chef in to replace Thompson to sex the whole book up. And I was going to say something bitchy about him writing a diet when he clearly needs one himself, but I wont.

  8. We did take his picture off the front cover, if that helps! 😉

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