Digging Deep

I was going to write about the BBC’s Digging Deep, an instant garden programme that also looks into designing a garden for the client’s emotional needs as well as practical, which seems all very well and good but surely starting a garden from scratch and witnessing the wonder of seeds growing and seeing your garden evolve is one of the strongest healing potions? But I can’t say anything nasty about it, despite the slightly mad presenters and the somewhat contrived new agey stuff in there because the public involved in the projects had actually been through some terrible times in their life and really needed a good pick me up like a new garden. I still think it could have been done better though. Rather than “we will have this plant here because it’s blue and will de-stress you” surely something like “we shall put your herb bed here. Here are you seeds, place them where you want them, watch them grow and here are some recipes for tonics and teas that you make from your herbs” would be a little better?

Your thoughts on this would be most interesting.


13 Responses

  1. I’ve seen it and it’s cocking awful. It’s some kind of London-centric media-knob’s idea about how some freaks they met at a god-awful Notting Hill dinner party would be perfect to send out and show the rest of the parochial little world how clever they are.

    Now, I’m notoriously hard on programs and if anyone you know made it then please ignore the above. I’ll accept you’ll never read my blog again and I’ll apologise now.

    I like your idea of a “here’s a seed – grow it and you’ll see the world in a different way” – you should have written that program, it would be tones better.


  2. I saw the trailers, and thought they made it look so pretentious and affectated that I have not watched it…
    Good, solid, common sense advice about gardens is what people really want!

  3. And sexy gardeners (of whatever gender pops your cork) – Digging Deep failed on this score.

  4. ‘Cocking awful’ – that was the phrase I wanted to use! It really was an appalling programe and no, I don’t know anyone who was involved with it so you can slag it off all you like.

    More gardening TV news: there’s talk about a vegetable growing programme with Carol Klein in the spring of new year. Which is nice.

  5. You want to use, you feel free – see my sweary post for more such badness: http://www.wildburro.co.uk/2006/08/29/my-first-ever-plantings/#comments

  6. How did I miss all that swearing in the first place? That completly passed me by, bah! Or should I say ‘poo’? Or ‘oh balls’? Or ‘Belgium’? Or possibily C***ING B******S!! I would actually swear, but my mum reads this.

    You may have already seen this Burro, but just in case you haven’t have a look at this lovely sweary monster: http://www2.b3ta.com/buffyswear/ It makes me giggle.

  7. Excellent! Love ‘B’

    Here’s one for you: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/sam.php

  8. I agree with “cocking awful”. It’s yet another “how to improve your life by letting someone else do it all for you – you too can improve your life as long as you are rich enough to employ a gardener, decorator, de-junkifier and personal dresser, or lucky(?) enough to be on a cocking awful TV show”. How about “How to improve your life by taking some effing personal responsibility and most of all focussing on what really matters. How you dress CAN NOT change your life. But adopting the attitude that happiness is not a commodity you can buy, but rather a pattern of habits of behaviour and thought, can change your life for good, not just until the next season’s fashions hit the shops.”?

  9. Sing it loud & pround Mel! What they need is some Northern grit!

  10. pround = proud but with fat fingers for added confusion.

  11. Erm…Not sure what to make of Buffy “talking dirty”…
    Am a bit worried that it seemed mildly exciting….

    Good job there isn’t a Willow version as well!

  12. *Thinks about Williow talking dirty*

    *Needs to sit down as she also seems to be dressed as a very strict teacher*


  13. Mel, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    I like the Samual L Jackson thingy, Burro, I feel that it should be made into a keyring like the Family Guy ones you can buy, so I can swear at random people on the bus. That would be awesome.

    *thinks about Angel talking dirty* Mmmmmmm……

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