It’s oh so quiet….

…Shhh! Shhh!

I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve not been down the allotment for ages (which probably means that the bits of the plot I’ve dug up are now covered in weeds again) mainly due to laziness and the fact I was a Voodoo woman last weekend. Which was nice. But as the House prorogues this week in preparation of the state opening, I have this Friday and Monday off, which is very nice indeed, so hopefully, weather permitting, I shall be  down the allotment working.

Here is what I have planned to do:

  • Dig up the rest of the potatoes (here’s hoping they’re still in good condition)
  • Plant the garlic and onion sets
  • Do a bit of digging
  • Plant a couple of border flowers I acquired over the weekend
  • Dig some more
  • Get some broad beans sown
  • Do more digging
  • Take down the runner bean poles and peas
  • Dig

9 Responses

  1. Voodoo woman? Do explain…

  2. Hullo burro. Remember that Cuthulu based game thing I mentioned to you that Dave and me play from time to time? Well Dave ran a game over the weekend, click on the Dark Door link for more info, although the write up for this game just gone hasn’t been done yet. But it was fun! There’s something rather cool about running in the woods covered in fake blood scaring the poo out of players.

  3. Ahhhhhh (penny drops) I see (said the blind burro as he fell down stairs and the mistress rubbed her hands together with glee)

  4. Are these border flowers the ones from the game at the weekend? But surely you will need these to concoct a serum to prevent the undead from rising? Oh, I’ve said to much…

  5. I need you have – they must be (drumroll…)


  6. Indeed you have – they must be (drumroll…)


  7. D’oh! The Great Old Ones have fattened my fingers as a punishment for my punning!

  8. Oooh, tell me all about it on Saturday!

  9. Well it made me giggle Burro, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m sure you’re fingers will go back to normal size soon. I’m still waiting for my punishment for using a model of a Deep One as a door stop… (Ask Dave, it’s a long story…)

    Pete, they are indeed the plants from the last game. I’d like to think that my allotment is on top of some old Indian burial site, so I’m fairly sure that if the undead start to attack when I’m digging, I’ll be able to quickly concoct a serum to save me from turning into a shambling wreck…

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