more blurry photos

You know what? It’s rather nice coming home and discovering four seeds catalogues have arrived in the post for you as well as the hessian sacks you ordered from eBay (only three pounds!). I shall enjoy reading the catalogues with my dinner in a minute.

I’ve finally managed to workout how to connect my crazy new phone to the computer. By lovely, lovely bluetooth. So here are a couple of things from last weekend up the lottie.

These are the Brussels sprouts I’m growing for Dave’s brother (I can’t stand the things – in my eyes, they’re the devil’s nads). It’s quite lovely to see these developing, they’re quite an odd vegetable really, and I had had worries they wern’t going to do anything but they brought a smile to my face to see these nubbins over the weekend.

This is my PSB which is coming along very nicely indeed…

…as is this the chard that’s covering a good third of the plot. Oh well, at least it can be eaten.

5 Responses

  1. Oh, I like the devil’s nads – and ex-girlfriends dad used to cook them beautfully for Sunday lunch 🙂

  2. And the mistress makes a fantastic curry with them, too 🙂

  3. It’s years of having them forced down my neck when I was a child that makes me hate them. It’s the lowlight of Christmas dinner. But I do like the sound of a curry with them, they do have this nutty taste I can appreciate that would go very nicely curried. You’ll have to blog the recipe soon.

  4. Er… Curry, and…Er Sprouts.

    I can see a “flatulence issue” of quite shocking magnitude arising here.

    Might be an effective way to get rid of overstaying house guests after Xmas, but nonetheless I’d advise caution.

  5. Brussels – may I sound a discordant note here (not that we’re talking of flatulence) and say they are my favourite! Just pick them fresh and cook them so they have a cripy bite to them – none of the overdone mush I used get at Christmas and boiled to death in the ham water. Yuk!

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