Scary plot and thieving bastards.

I actually managed to do some work on the plot this weekend! It was quite a shock to see how overgrown it had become, I’m fairly sure it’s worse now than how it was when I first got it. Some digging has taken place and harvesting has continued which is the best thing to raise downhearted spirits.

Kohl Rabi, one of my Some Sort of Cabbage, a small pumpkin were taken as were all two pods of borlotti beans that managed to grow and some chard that managed to seed itself all over the plot.

Alas, some bad news. My big pumpkin that was growing nicely and would have needed a car to take it home has been stolen. Stolen! It just shows you can’t trust anyone these days does it? Grrr.

Proper post tonight maybe, once I have discovered how to download photos from my new phone.

11 Responses

  1. You can use it to take photos of the bug, fat bastard rabbit sat amid your pumpkin remains 🙂

  2. Really sorry to hear about your pumpkin theft – I know a lot of people at allotments get anxious about that happening at this time of year. Battling with weeds is disheartening, but at least that’s just nature. Selfish people stealing what you’ve worked so hard on is just awful.

  3. I hope that someone steals my marrow – I can’t stand eating the thing!

  4. Argh! I was planning to steal your pumpkin for my jack-o-lantern. Now I guess I’ll have to start stalking other allotments. Damn.

  5. Little toe-rags….

  6. If only it were a rabbit! Then there would be some crazy Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny style antics going on. Probably.

    Thanks Clare. You’re right of course, weeds very annoying but natural. I’ll just have to grow more next year and hopr only one or two are nicked and there’s lots left for me.

    You know what Frankie? I was sort of hoping that that would happen to mine, I was going to leave it there and compost it when I got round to digging that part of the plot. But my friends who have a plot near mine, harvested it and bought it round to me yesterday because ‘it might get stolen’. I suppose this is the time to try out that courgette chutney recipie…

    Are there not allotments in Oxford, Jen? There must be some kind of vegetable patch up there surely? Maybe your gay vicar could help you find one?

  7. Gay vicar? Brill! That’s Oxford for you 😀

    On a different note, you may like this link:

  8. Oooh, thanks for that Burro. I heard about that on the radio this morning but was still too asleep to actually get any proper information.

  9. […] Here’s one for Clare. But not Mildew. What do you do with your unused giant pumpkins? Why sail away in them, of course. Jeez, any fule knows that, said Mr T Burro. See for yourself here: BBC Videonation. Yorkshire puds are used in times of little pumpkins. Honest. […]

  10. I am sorry to hear about your pumpkins being stolen, it happened to my Dad about a fortnight ago and my daughter is gutted and cannot understand why anybody would do this.

  11. Flipping heck – what are people like these days. Pumpkins are pennies the in the shops surely.

    So disheartening. I grow lots and lots, of everything and it is bad enough with all of nature predators taking chunks out of them or eating them altogether – let alone human thieves.

    Have you spoken to fellow plot holders to see if they have lost things.

    Don’t lose heart or give up

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