two things

Dammit, it’s the last day of my hols to do something useful and it’s just too wet to do anything on the allotment. Not that I mind working in the rain, I love it, but digging is a nightmare in my clay soil. Curses.

— — — — —

We bought Ian some new fish food the other day. It’s main ingredient is fish. Eww.

(not sure if there’s any point in showing you this picture as you really can’t see the ingredients, or Ian very well. Hey ho)


9 Responses

  1. That’s how BSE started. And Flu. And Tennis Ebola. I know of these things, for I am a Doctor.

  2. Glad I’m not one of your patients then Doc Burro – For you seem to be missing a vital medical fact.

    Sheep don’t out of choice eat hamburgers, or lamburgers or any parts of other sheep for that matter. That’s where mad cows came from, and also where we get the phrase, “That way madness lows”

    Fish on the other fin, primarily eat other fish.

    Ian will be fine.

  3. Dear Dr Greenmantle – as much as I don’t like to point out a fellow doctor’s faults, in this case I fear I have to.

    Sheep and & Cows originally developed BSE after becoming (fatally) addicted to cheap burgers from “Kim’s Biker Burger Van” in the Little Kipplinton layby of the A38. They would spend most of the week either doing odd jobs for the farmer or committing acts of low level petty theft in order to scrape together enough money to pay for a burger each. Kim now lives in a 579 room mansion in Sidcup. The cows are now dead.

    Fish the other hand (and as I thought everyone knew) on prefer chips are routinely force-fed other fish by a combination of bullying sharks, dumb American college kids high on the scent of Steve-O’s sock and well-meaning owners who buy it ground up and flaked in little tubs.

    Now, is there any other aspects of the truth I can help you with, so-called Dr Greenmantle – you’re a disgrace to the profession and should be sent to the same planet as that Dr Charles Dance fellow, you know the one, the planet with the Aliens in the third film (whatever it was called).

  4. Nurse…Come quickly please! I’m afraid Dr. Burro has been taken unwell again.

    Yes… Bring the big syringe this time.

  5. Eeek! Not again!

  6. Oh I know fish eat fish, but when you see ingredients that simply say ‘fish and fish derivatives’ you start to wonder exactly what type of fish has been used. Goldfish in the wild eat plants and insects and the like. The chances that the bought food is a by-product from our fishing industry, so it seems that these ingredients could have originated from the sea, which is not what goldfish would eat at all. Sorry, I know it’s all probably good for Ian and everything, but it just seems slightly wrong. Blame the allotment – it’s making me think about where food comes from these days.

  7. And there is nothing wrong in that – if more people did wonder and did question, we would probably have a better quality of food & planet.

  8. Mildew, old bean – here’s a link you’ll like 🙂

  9. Just wondering – ‘fish derivatives’ ie. something that’s derived from fish, but isn’t fish. Are they saying that Ian’s dinner is fish and fish-poo?

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