Happy Birthday Allotment!


The allotment and this blog reaches it’s first birthday this week. Strange to think that I’ve had it for this long actually, normally I’m rubbish with new projects. I’ve started so many blogs in the past only for them to fizzle out after a few months and creative projects usually have the same amount of stamina.

But it’s been different with this. Admittedly, I could’ve been much more productive on the allotment, but it’s not all gone to seed. It seems that this blog and my allotment go hand in hand. One of the reasons, if I’m really honest, of gardening is so I can write about it, I enjoywriting about it and the more I write the more I encourage myself to garden. It’s the circle of life or something. And having you, dear reader, by my side only encourages me more, so thank you.

Popped down to the lottie this evening to say hello and check up things since the hols. Ye gods it’s overgrown! But the veg there seems to be doing well. The purple sprouting broccoli is going very well, as are the sprouts. I still have some tomatoes to harvest but the beans seem to be on their way out.

There was a proper chill in the air tonight. It wasn’t just a bit cold, it actually felt really autumnal which is no bad thing I suppose, just a slight shock after spending the whole day in the sun thinking it was still summer.

Quick bit of family news: Carrot Fly has just got a brand new job. Yay! It’s her first big job since finishing her post grad this summer and it’s here in the Big Smoke too. Well done Ju, you’re awesome. You do realise that once you move to London you will be helping me on the allotment don’t you?

13 Responses

  1. That looks so damn inviting


  3. Happy Burpday you! By a wierd coincidence, it’s Wild Burro Paddocks first burpday tomorrow 😀

  4. Happy birthday allotment from The Grapevine!! How about a link Mildew to Grow Your Own??

  5. Thank you all. I really hould do some digging now…

    Lesley – tis done

  6. Big happy birthday! I shall be looking forward to getting my hands dirty!

  7. Hello Mildew this is just to say that I still stop by now and again to catch up on your gardening exploits.
    Happy Allotment and Blog Birthdays! A double anniversary which I hope you celebrated in style.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLOTMENT!!! Well done, Char, on keeping up the blog too. I love to read your antics – interesting and very amusing too. Here’s to many more. Cheers! Love Ma xxx

  9. Thanks guys! It’s good to see you again Flighty, and don’t worry – I celebrate everything in style 🙂

  10. Happy allotment birthday !! I feel the same as you, I enjoy writing about my plot as much cultivating it !!

  11. Well happy birthday to you!

  12. Oh dear – I’ve not been back for a while and missed it, sorry. Happy Belated Birthday! Keep up the good work at the plot and on the blog!

  13. Yay! Thank you all!

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