I’m taking a break for two weeks. It’s a proper holiday! Hoorah! One week in the Cotswalds, and next week in the middle of north Wales with a bunch of friends and lots of wine. Bliss. Have just discovered that the pub nearby has Wifi, so I’m stealing their internet. Spent yesterday looking round Blenhim Palace which is wonderful and worth visiting just for the butterfly house alone. Have some pictures to look at!

lavender     lake

Must… go… internet connection fading… 

3 Responses

  1. Have a great holiday Mildew – will miss you – hurry back safely – looking forward to hearing about all your antics.

  2. Whaaaaat…no updates? Don’t they have WiFi in Wales? I’m shocked! 😉

  3. Thank you Al! All was great with lots of antics, and no Jen, no WiFi in Wales, it was a disgrace! But update soon, once I’ve sorted out some photos. (Hope your crazy new flatmates are cool btw)

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