I’ve not been up the allotment since last Saturday, but the plan is to pop over after work today to try out this fat-hen I have growing in there use this lovely sounding recipe from Wild Burro that he left in my comments page.


You see this picture? This is my pants drawer. It’s quite empty I know (laundry day is looming) but you see that white rectangle? That’s something I made on Saturday. I had to prune my lavender that day and spying some muslin I had stolen from my old chef employers in a half unpacked box, I decided what better way to recycle some old garden prunings than by putting the lovely smelly things in a pouch and using it to gently fragrance your underwear? (Not your underwear you understand, mine) It’s very easy to do, just get a rectangle of fabric, fold it in half, sew two sides together, fill the bag with smelly things and sew up the gap. Thing is, I’ve not done anything like this since school, which is at least ten years ago, so that simplest of project took me over two long hours to do, which is rubbish. But the stitching is lovely and neat and my nether regions smell like my Nan’s old house now. 

9 Responses

  1. We want more pictures of your pants. well, I say we… 😉

  2. The lavender sounds like alovely idea. But I’m glad that my nether regions don’t smell like my nan’s old house. Ew!

  3. After an accident with some nail cutters and a an elastic band, I only have neither regions 😦 *sniff sniff*

  4. Does that make you Action Man then Burro?

  5. The mistress alone can say 😉

  6. Hmmm…perhaps if you were to model the pants…No?. Oh well. 😉

  7. Hey, I’m always open to requests (the ammount of times I’m asked to shut up or go away, you have to be)

  8. …and I can’t spell, it seems 😀

  9. […] from the allotment tonight) and, more worryingly, my passport, which I could have sworn was in my knicker basket. It was definitely there in the old flat and now I can’t find it. I managed to make myself […]

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