Clucking tasty

I’ve finally sorted out my glut of courgettes: chopped them up and froze them. Probably to remain in the freezer for many forgotten months. This is my glut:


I’m guessing a courgette glut for most people is probably five times that amount, but I’m the only one who eats them around here, everyone I know hates and fears them.

So this is what I made for my dinner tonight:


I realise that this photo is blurry, but for some reason this camera doesn’t like taking photos of certain things. Silly thing. Before your eyes is a courgette and mushroom risotto and very tasty it was too and here’s the recipe for it if you feel so inclined to make it.

Saute some onions and garlic together in a thick pan until soft. Add risotto rice and white wine. Add some of your courgette glut, mushrooms and green beans (I used some of my runner beans from the lottie). Once everything’s cooked, add a good few chunks of dolcelatte cheese. Eat and enjoy.

The garnish on the top is fat-hen weed and it’s a very, very nice thing to eat indeed. I had leaves, flowers and all which gave a lovely texture to it and the taste reminded me very much of spinach if a little more peppery (although that could have been me – I can be quite liberal with the grinder). I picked quite a bit this evening so it’s deffo going to be used again for my dinner tomorrow. I have just read this from my sister Carrot Fly who first spotted this marvelous weed growing in my plot though:

In theory it flowers July to October so you may be able to try the seeds! Oh
no, I just hope it was Fat hen now and I wasn’t confused at the time!

Don’t kill me if you get food poisoning!

I’ll keep you posted.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve used parmesan before but dolcelatte sounds brill – all melting into the risotto. So good

  2. I am interested that you’ve tried eating fat hen. It’s one of my most hated weeds but people keep telling me to try eating it … perhaps I’ll give it a go now …

  3. It really is worth trying, if anyting because ‘harvesting’ is so much better than ‘weeding’

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