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It’s nice getting up on a Saturday morning. Usually I’m a late riser on the weekends but what with living in my awesome new flat and everything, I’d thought I’d actually make the most of the day and do something. Naturally, I’m knackered now and it’s only five in the afternoon.  But what a lovely morning! Actually went down to the allotment and did some work. A bit of weeding around the leeks, re-stabilising the runner bean pole and I painfully discovered nettles growing around the herbs by weeding with bare hands. I also managed to harvest some veg too. Some runner beans (the first of the season) and four courgettes, three of them huge. The biggest was over sixteen inches long! Now, being the only vegetable eater in this household, there is no way that this is all going to be eaten fresh, so I’m considering making some into jam or relish. But my question is this: are these marrow jam recipes I keep reading actually any good? Are they tasty? Or am I going to make ten jars of the stuff and just keep it in the back of the food cupboard for a couple of years until I throw it out? Parents, if I made any, would you have some?

I will be making other things too, don’t you worry about that. Courgette quiche will be made as will lots of ratatouille, which freezes ever so well.

A few weeks ago I was back down south with the folks to celebrate Aphid and Carrot Fly’s birthday. Photos, if you’re so inclined to see me dressed up as Robin Hood, are on my Flickr account. The picture of our Mum and Dad are on a couple of posts below. While down there Sloe season was well on it’s way and having a liking for a nice cool sloe gin and tonic after work, Carrot Fly and I walked down to the footpath that leads to the sea and picked lots and lots of those little purple berries.

Now all I have to do is buy some gin and I’m away.


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  1. Hi mildewy-one – gald the move’s gone smooth. How is the allotment looking? Have you tried any of the fat han your sister’s found?

  2. Hi Mildew, congrats on the new flat….it sounds great. Movings so exhausting though I reckon you deserve a good few lie-ins. cheers the clod

  3. The allotment is looking ok Burro, weedy but with food still growing nicely, so no difference really. I’ve not tried the fat hen, but I will soon, might as well make use of some of the crap growing there, eh?

    Hey Clodhopper, I’m having enough lie-ins at the moment without having to stay in late on the weekends – work’s being nice to me at the moment. The flat’s doing well, although it’s still a problem trying to find a place to fit all my stuff and it still feels like I’m just staying over for a little while. All in good time though, all in good time…

  4. Fat Hen – pick the tenderest leaves & wash gently in cold water. Get some water boiling, have some butter, blackpepper & grated parmesan ready. When the water is on a rolling boil, hoof the leaves in for exactly one minute, drain, put back in pan and add the butter & black pepper to slightly fry them off very briefly. Hoof them onto a warmed plate, add the parmesan and eat the bvggers quickly!

    You can thank me later 😀

  5. […] It’s been a while since I found I had a Fat Hen or three in the front garden and I still haven’t got around to cooking them. Time may be running out, but I’m going to try tonight, if it doesn’t kill Mildew, and here’s the recipe I’m planning to use (c/o a book I saw in Salts Mill recently – pictures soon): […]

  6. […] I’ve not been up the allotment since last Saturday, but the plan is to pop over after work today to try out this fat-hen I have growing in there use this lovely sounding recipe from Wild Burro that he left in my comments page. […]

  7. Parently, Sloes need time to ripen on the bush before picking, the freezer tips people normally give is just a convenient way helping them to split, so late Oct early Nov is just right. Trust me I know!

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