Life after TV

I’m currently living in a half empty flat with no TV. It’s really rather lovely actually, you don’t realise how much television is depended on for entertainment when’s there’s so much more going on in life. Conversation and literature for example. Oh and there’s something really cosy about sitting in bed, radio on quietly in the background, cup of Horlicks on the bedside table and getting very annoyed indeed with the book of logic puzzles. I’ve also bought a book which is the main reason for writing today as I heartily recommend it. Monty Don’s My Roots is rather wonderful.  It’s bite sized chunks of gardening thoughts and stories and makes me wish I could write like him. He really is rather good. Beats Titchmarch any day.

So I’m rather enjoying my TV free week. But I know what I’m like and as soon as I move I’ll be back watching the box, especially as it’s Sky+. Hmmm. How does that Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy song go again?


4 Responses

  1. Surely if Alan Titchmarsh is a big sack of potatoes then Monty Don would be a selection of rhubarb. That’s a compliment not a complaint (I like rhubarb).
    I would not condone anyone reading any of titchmarshes writing outside of the field of gardening. Not unless you want a glimpe into the dark, dank toolshed that is the man’s repetoire of “sexy” literature.

  2. Doing without TV is easy…doing without the internet, that’s a different story. When I want it, if the internet is down for more than 5 mins I’m going stir crazy.

    Very well written blog. 🙂

  3. Enjoy!

    “Television, the drug of the Nation
    Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation T.V.,
    I.T. satellite linksour United States of
    Apathetic therapeutic and extremely
    addictivethe methadone metronome pumping out150
    channels 24 hours a dayyou can flip through all of themand still there’s nothing worth watching T.V.
    is the reason why less than ten percent of our Nation reads
    books daily
    Why most people think Central America means Kansas Socialism means unamericanand
    Apartheid is a new headache remedy absorbed in
    it’s world it’s so hard to find us
    It shapes our minds the most maybe the mother of our Nation should remind us that we’re sitting to close to. . .
    Television, the drug of the Nation Breeding ignorance and
    feeding radiation T.V.”

  4. I abandoned TV a year ago. Don’t miss it at all. Enjoy the week’s respite!

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