What are those millions of tiny white things that fly up when I water my brassicas?


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  1. Although the BBC Dial A Death thingy ( says it may be Peach Potato Aphid (I was on limited info for my check so this may be wrong).

    Dr Burro.

  2. Hi Mildew,

    They are almost certainly cabbage white fly (Flea beetles are black and won’t attack mature plants)

    The technical name is “Aleyrodes proletella” and they are specic strain of whitefly, different to the greenhouse variety, and only live outdoors on brassicas.

    These 2 sites give advice on controlling them…..



  3. Thank you! Yeah, having checked out all your links (that Beeb pest identifier is brillo and I shall be using that a great number of times methinks and once again I have a reminder of how good the RHS site is) it’s deffo whitefly. Oh joy, oh joy! I’m also away for the week so my brassicas are going to have to fend for themselves for a bit. Bah.

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