I’ve been to the allotment two nights in a row. And they’re both school nights! And I’ve done some proper work on them! Sort of. Something’s up. It must be the heat.

I even attemped some weeding around the leeks.

The main reason was to pick up some supplies for dinner. Supplies! For dinner! A whole meal! For two! Dinner last night consisted of roast haddock with fennel served with desiree potatoes and sauteed red onions, mushrooms, some of the enormous marrow and peas. Everything apart from the mushrooms and fish (obv., although farming fish in a allotment could be interesting.. Hang on. Remember goldfish.) has come from the allotment. (although I have to admit the onions were from my friends’ allotment two plots down) How awesome is that? I don’t think I have made a meal so satisfying before, and that includes cooking for the Queen. (I say cook, it was more make canapes)

I’ve never dug up potatoes before last night. I was suddenly a little girl again pretending to be some explorer who finds some rare red jewels in the ground. I never realised that something I assumed would be almost an allotment chore would bring so much pleasure.


4 Responses

  1. Hmmm…..I suppose I might be able to squeeze a pilchard farm in behind the greenhouse.

    Yes YES… oh the smug satisfaction of a full plot dinner for two…. unbeatable….and the TASTE!! Organmic.

  2. I can’t wait until I’m doing that too – until then I shall live vicariously through your blogged successes.

    Oh, and if you open a fish farm, don’t let Dave anywhere near!

  3. I am amazed and speechless. Rhubarb! Aphids! Icky goo! It’s a whole other world here. You are on my blogroll!

  4. Snap! I never want to buy a bag of potatoes again.

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