Ok, I admit it. I’m rubbish. I’m rubbish at keeping this blog up to date and I’m also rubbish at keeping my allotment up to date too. I’ve not completely ignored the plot, just overlooked it. It’s been a busy time up here. There’s been filling in job applications, preparing for the Big Move In (with Dave! Next month! Eek!), being genuinely busy at work and mourning the death of another goldfish, Duke. Methinks Dave and I shouldn’t be allowed to keep pets. If one day I ever have my dream of having a little cottage in the country with cats, chickens and possibly a couple of pigs, feel very, very concerned for the animals.

The plot has received a couple of waters once in a while, but weeding desperately needs doing (you can hardly see the leeks for all the grass…) and digging needs to be done. I’m ignoring the digging chore with the excuses that the ground is far too hard what with it being a clay soil and it’s too hot to do any kind of proper manual work. I’m still trying to think of excuses to not do the weeding.

There has been some harvesting though, which is very nice. The broad beans have now all been eaten up and were lovely. I can’t wait to plant more this autumn. For Sunday lunch yesterday we enjoyed out first peas and an enormous marrow which I think will feed me and my flatmate for the next few months. All the garlic has been pulled up and is now drying on the kitchen window ledge. We had some cooking with the roast potatoes yesterday too. Potatoes are ready, I just have to dig them up.

What’s nice is that despite my lack of care my brassicas are doing really well. The PSB is shooting up as are the Some Sort of Cabbage. Sprouts and swede are doing well too. Runner beans are struggling and the round courgettes could be doing much better but I think I only have myself to blame.

Oh, I’ve just thought of an excuse for not doing the weeding. I’m on holiday for almost two months starting next Wednesday and I shall do it then. Will that do? 

4 Responses

  1. A HA!! finally admitted it eh? when i’ve tried to get you to allotmenteer you got cross at me!

  2. I know, I know. Sorry. I wasn’t getting cross at you though lover, I was getting annoyed at me for being a lazy cow. And I don’t like it when you’re right.

  3. Another fish!? I still blame Dave (yes, THAT Dave) as I hear InterPol consider him fish-killer Numero Uno. I think you’ll be ok with pigs though as they can fight back, unlike poor little helpless Duke – the cad!

    On to less upsetting matters, it sounds like your plot is thriving despite your lack of weeding so what are you beating yourself up about? Relax and enjoy it, I say. Sod the weeds and eat the peas 😀

    Good luck with the move and enjoy your two (two? fek!) months off. I hope you’ll be blogging, young lady 🙂

  4. It’s the joy of Parliament that I can thank for my time off. If the MPs are on their hols, then so am I. It’s a hard life…

    I shall be continuning my blogging adventures as Dave plans to buy me himself a laptop soon.

    And yes you’re right of course, I should concentrate on the food more and not the weeds. I keep forgetting that sometimes. Weeds have an affect that make the plot look like it’s not been touched at all. But now I’m harvesting they’re quite easy to ignore… 

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