Coming up roses

Look! Roses! See what I did with the title there? Here’s the climbing roses I planted a few months back. They really don’t seem to be climbing though, actually, they’re just sitting there. Hmm. Please note the almost ready to harvest garlic, and don’t note all the weeds. Thank you.

The plot’s not doing to badly. The bindweed wants to take over and it seems that no amount of covering on the ground will stop it. I even discovered it growing in my compost bin!

Sunday’s definitely seem to be the most sociable of days up in the plot. Old Greg was there again, trying to give everyone a hand and tell them how to garden, I mean give them advise. There was also my next door neighbour, Joe and the guy who’s name I always forget so I’ll call him Ian. Ian bought me some chocolates. He deals with delivering them or summat and had loads of trays left so he gave them out to everyone in sight at the plot, which was nice. They tasted good too.

At home, standing on one of the kitchen tops are standing two melon plants. I think I’ve slightly underestimated how big they were going to get. They keep on growing and growing and growing. They’ll be reaching the ceiling soon. Still no sign of flowers which is slightly annoying. Actually, thinking about it, if they get any taller, I’m not going to be able to reach the flowers to pollinate them. Arse. Photo below. Please note the pepper, chilli’s and mixed leaves on the window sill and don’t note the washing up that needs to be done. Thank you.

Anyway, time for the most amazingly amazing news ever!

I’ve just harvested my first bits of vegetables from the plot. Broad beans and a courgette that’s doing it’s best to look like a marrow. I’m going to cook them tonight. I can’t wait. It’s the best feeling isn’t it? I’m rather starting to enjoy this gardening lark.

9 Responses

  1. Did you enjoy eating your own vegetables? If you like roses then do visit the blog of nikkipolani, my rosey friend in California, where you see lots of them. She’s on my favourites list.

  2. You have a courgette already!!! Bloody hell! I’m green with envy.

  3. The were the best damn vegetables I have ever tasted! God, it really makes all that hard work worth while. I shall check out that blog, Flighty, it sounds good, I do like a good rose.

    I’m amazed with the speed that courgette turned up actually. There was no sign of it a week before and I’m fairly sure I won’t be getting any more of those for a while, all the other fruits are tiny.

  4. Hi Mildewy one 🙂 Is it wise to grow melon plants inside? I mean they get pretty big you know. A family friend of a friend used to grow them in his greenhouse and could hardly get in once they really kicked off (oh, and he used tights & pop-socks to support them… pop-socks make me shudder). All the best and plan your escape route of they take over!

  5. Hey Burro (FYI, work won’t let me see your blog 😦 ). I have really, really underestimated how big these things are going to get. They’ve reached the ceiling already! And they’ve not flowered yet. I’m going to need a bigger kitchen.

    Pop socks are evil.

  6. Very sensible of your work if you ask me – too much smut and silliness!

  7. Hi – My grandad used my grandmas old bras to hold his melons up! And this is going back years and years. His greenhouse always smelled of parafin as I recall. As for popsocks – whats with these foot things you can wear with sandals? Tasty!

  8. Did he take your gran out of them first?

  9. I am envious of your courgette – mine are really slow this year. Can’t you move the melon outdoors now? If its warm enough for the courgettes?

    I have a climbing rose that I planted 3 years ago which is now over 6 feet tall and about 8 feet wide and covered in flowers. (and I am usually useless with flowers) so good luck

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