Sorry Pete

A few weeks ago you may recall, my shed got broken into. Dave's very lovely dad Pete kindly offered to fix the window for me. While up the allotment, Pete stumbled a little and very slightly banged his elbow onto something. A week later he's now in hospital suffering form a highly infected lower arm. I didn't realise my allotment was so dangerous! Sorry Pete, hope you get well soon.

3 Responses

  1. What? Banged elbow? Hospital? Christ! Get well soon Dave’s dad.

  2. Not your fault, but I am sure you feel bad. If you lived in the states you would be preparing for litigation right now. (I assume by your choice of words that you live in England?) Mick

  3. Pete’s all better! He’s been out of hospital for a few days and has a million and one tablets to take. Lets hope my shed window doesn’t get smashed in again any time soon…

    I am in England, Rockwatcher. I would hope that Pete likes me enough not to try and sue! But you’re right, that kind of litigation happens a lot, and what with millions of groups suddenly offering ‘no win, no fee’ cases, Britain is becoming increasingly like the States…

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