Does anyone have any rhubarb?

Do you remember I had a whole load of rhubarb given to me? Well Ma sent a recipe that was exactly the same as Allotment Lady's. Very simple, very nice. Rhubarb and sugar were put in a bowl on Saturday night (just before Eurovision. Well done Finland! You rock!) Everything else was done quite nicely on the Sunday. All went swimmingly, until I got slightly distracted towards the end of the cooking, came back to the kitchen only to find the rhubarb and sugar had burnt. Really, really burnt. It's nasty and ruined and if I get a hold of some more 'barb I shall be making more, I do after all have a huge pile of clean empty jars just waiting for filling. At least it wasn't my crop, eh? That would have been depressing.


6 Responses

  1. I’ve never had anyone give me rhubarb, but occasionally I buy it in the store, and cook it up with sugar. I do this in the microwave, adding a bit of water. Luscious.Ever had rhubarb pie?

    Enjoyed your post.



  2. You forgot to mention you burnt it at my flat and have left the burnt remains in one of my saucepans sitting on the hob.


  3. I have a cucumber and some cheese in the fridge, if you like.

  4. Sorry lover. Uh, it was still cooling when I left your flat on Sunday which is why I didn’t chuck it. How’s that for an excuse? I’ll clean it up when I see you tonight.

    A cheese and cucumber jam. Sounds delicious!

    I’ve not had rhubarb pie, Shirley, but it’s on my to-cook list.

  5. Opps! The cucumber’s gone off. How about half an onion and some butter (and I don’t mean that in a Marlon Brandon kind of way)?

  6. You know what you need to clean up a burnt saucepan? Rhubarb leaves. No, really, they work a treat. Just boil ’em up with some water in the burnt pan and all the burnt-on gunk lifts off. Amazing.

    Unless, like me, you let the pan full of rhubarb leaves boil dry and burn. Then you’re in trouble.

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