Long pink thing

crazy radish!

I think that window boxes may not be the best places to grow a radish. Sorry about the quality of the picture, it's from my mobile (one day I shall have a decent camera to play with). Still, it looks edible enough though, doesn't it? And the salad leaves are looking good too. Mmm, home grown salad in a few days time. I can't wait.

Later on this afternoon, I shall be going to a work organised presentation given by moustache man himself, Dick Strawbridge. It could be quite interesting, but remembering his TV series and my somewhat cynical review of it, I'm not holding my breath for the most fascinating and informative talk. I shall do a quick write up once I get if work's not too busy. At the moment, I'm amusing myself with possible titles for the next post. Talking Dick? Seeing Dick? Any other school-boy humour and sniggering greatly appreciated.

3 Responses

  1. LOL! You want to watch your post titles young lady – you’ll end up attracting a very non-gardening crowd as Pumpkin Soup & myself have done. Check you site stats for how many search come in for “long” & “pink” 😀

  2. p.s. How about “A whole lot of Dick”? Opps! There go your stats again!

  3. I am looking forward to a very funny write up.

    Are you going to dicktate it or just type it up yourself

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