Eff off bindweed!

May is not the time to neglet my allotment I know, but it being my birthday and all last week I did. It was a good week though. Drinking champers on the terrace of the House of Commons, visiting tapas restaurants, playing bar billiards, and becoming the Hoffmiester for a Myths and Legends fancy dress party.Not the best costume I know, but that chest wig! Mieow! Dave was a very good King Arthur so I thought I put him up here.

My knight in shining armour

I finially arrived back at the plot to find two things faintly distressing. Firstly, bindweed had come up from nowhere and had practicially choked my garlic, climbed up the tipee where my sweetpea should have grown, covered my broad beans and tried to climb up my arch. Bah. I’ve picked it all out, but it’ll be back I’m sure.

What was even worse though was that I discovered that my shed had been broken into. One of my side windows had been smashed (no mean feat when it was that glass with wire running through it) and there’s glass everywhere now. What really makes me livid about this is that it’s just an act of vandalisim. Nothing was taken, nothing apart from my little radio a hammer and my Thermos (!) and it does seem that it was done for fun. It wasn’t just mine that was hit. Every shed in the site either had a lock broken or windows smashed. Bastards. I should set bindweed onto them. That’ll learn ’em. A very quick message to Dave’s dad, who has said he’ll reapair my window for me. Many, many thanks, I owe you a beer or three.

Look! Proper food!

On the plus side, there are a number of things that are growing and doing well. It looks like I’ll be having a courgette soon as long as the slugs don’t get it first mind you. Two of my runner beans have been completly stripped of their leaves by snails, the other four are looking healthy and are growing well. Borlotti beans have also been stripped of leaves but new leaves are forming so I’ll get some more traps out tonight and hopefully prevent any more damage. Potatoes, dispite having a whole load of weeds suddenly appearing (I’d love to know what they are if anybody has any ideas, they’re quite nice leaves, picture on the bottom of this post) are showing signs of life, which is nice as I had a nasty feeling they were dug in far too deep and not planted in very well at all. Some Sort of Cabbage is doing well but the purple sprouting not so, but that’s because I’ve yet to cover it in netting. Another job to do tonight.

Potatoes amongst the weeds 

Can I just go back to my courgette? I have some food growing! How exciting! I know I’ve got other things growing, like the garlic, but this is the first thing I can see that I’ll be actually picking in a couple of weeks time. It’s awesome. Now what shall I do with it once it’s harvested? I’m thinking stir fry, or possibly roasted.

The man whose plots are either side of mine gave me a whole load of rhubarb last night. What shall I do with it? Rhubarb and ginger jam? I’m not that keen on crumble and fool it has to be said, although the man did say these are really sweet stems.  I think I may have a quick look on the interweb, of course your suggestions are always welcome.

4 Responses

  1. Rhubarb fool is great. Just stew some with sugar, or a loiilte splenda if you wish, then when cold swirl with cream. You can beat the cream if you wish, or not if you don’t. Also good done with Greek yoghurt.
    Also, ginger does something to rhubarb. A little stem ginger, chopped small, with some of the syrup, just stirred through the rhubarb is good!

  2. How dare bindweed mess with knights of the round table…..let alone brain dead oiks? Summary justice is called for.

  3. Just one thing for you to do with rhubarb having been avidly following your posts

    Schnapps (sp) Vodka (a cheapo will do) rhubarb, sugar, a big jar or something that will hold a litre and seal

    Recipe on my blog

  4. The problem with rhubarb is that I’m not that keen on it fresh, it’s a bit too tart for me a I have a very sweet tooth (I’m only just starting to like strawberries) I like jams and stuff (although that fool does sound rather nice, I may have to give it a go one day). I was thinking about your vodka recipe earlier today Al, and that shall be def. used soon. I like vodka.

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