I’m old.

It's my birthday today, I've turned 27 which I know isn't that old, but it's all rather scary as I career towards 30. It only seems like yesterday when I was 26. Those were the days…

I've been rather unproductive on this blog which is a shame as life on the allotment has become a lot more productive.  

Thank you for your good advise Allotment Lady and Gnome. I have to admit to buying weedkiller and give what bits of the plot I'm not currently using the once over and I'm now feeling more and more guilty about it. It's one that degrades once it hits the soil but it shall never be touched again. Areas are covered, but not enough it has to be said so I'll pop down to Wilkos to get a few bags of pegs this weekend. Actually not this weekend as I have my party. Anybody want to come?

I cheated slightly with my planting. I've bought plants just because I wanted to see something other than weeds growing on the plot, so I'm now the proud owner of some shiny new purple sprouting broccoli, some kind of cabbage, a courgette plant, runner beans, borlotti beans and a strawberry plant. They're all planted out ready to be eaten by pigeons and slugs. Talking of slugs, I've been putting lots of traps out for them and I noticed in one of them the day after filling it up with beer that it had already caught about 15 of of the slimy blighters. Awesome.


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  1. Rubbish….you are NOT old. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I can add another 20 years to yours and then some (ouch!)

    Seriously though, many happy returns of the day, have a great day. My advice = treat yourself; do something bonkers or out of character, or risky and tell yourself at least fifteen times a day that the odds of YOU being IN this world and ALIVE are trillions of billions of zillions of squillions to 1 and yet there you ARE. So there…..see how unique and special you are!

  2. I can give you 30 years….and believe me it’s great being this age.The only downside is the creaky joints….all the rest is MUCH better than when I was your age….truly!

    I must say it’s lovely te read a blog from someone so young being keen on gardening….!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments Clodhopper and Lilymarlene. I’m not feeling bad about being the age I am, it’s just a shock to realise I’m in my late 20s when I feel much younger, these last few years have wizzed by. I still can’t belive I’ve been in London for six years when it only seems like yesterday I was in college.

    Clog: Do something out of character.. Hmmm… Does doing some proper work on the allotment count? 😉

    Lily: I’m very glad you enjoy reading this blog! I have to admit getting warm and fuzzy feelings when I have feedback.

  4. Happy Birthday! I would sing, but my cyber-voice is even worse than the real thing.

    Glad to hear that the allotment’s going so well. Just imagine how good you;ll be at this allotmenting lark when you’re 47!!

  5. Happy Burpday, Mildew old girl 😉

    I’ve got 9 years on you and I sometimes feel old, sometimes not. It seems odd that I am nearer 40 than 30 and even odder that I’ll be 50 in a little over 14 years time. Still, … actually there is nothing to say after that ‘still’ except “Fek me – 50!”

    Cheers – now you’ve bummed me out you heartless cad!

  6. Oh what a little babe you are – 27. My sons are older than you – and quite a bit too!

    So you have a lot to look forward too – enjoy the best time of your life.

    Glad your slug traps work – mine are called chickens but they eat the veggies and the slugs doh! Will have to retrain them.

    Keep blogging, my readers are reading yours now as you are linked so you will have a lot of fans waiting with bated breath for your every word.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Clare, that’s the most loveliest thought, cheers. I was thinking about that before going to sleep last night and it’s such an encouraging thought. Not only because I can only get better and better at gardening but it’s going to be something to pass down and teach to younger members of my family (and definitely my goddaughter).

    Good to see you back Mr Burro, I promise I won’t be mentioning age again. Until next year.

    Al, thanks very much for putting a link up to me! I quite agree that this is probably the best time of my life, and don’t worry, I shall enjoy and make the most of it.

    Proper post coming up tomorrow, once I’ve actually visited the plot, taken some nice pictures and done a little bit of work.

  8. Happy belated birthday mildew! I know everyone else here is older than you and they’re saying getting older is ok.. but I’m younger than you and i’m dreading being your age! 😛

  9. Ah, thanks Wizer, you’re making me feel so much… better. I think. 😉

  10. Very belated birthday greetings! I hope that you had a great day with lots of cards, presents, cake and drink.

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