Procrastination strikes again

Methinks, readers, that I've been a bit rubbish in keeping this here blog up. It's not my fault really, well it is, but I've been away from work for the past two weeks, it's been bliss but the blog usually gets updated during work, when I'm going through one of the many quiet moments. I don't have a computer at home you see and Dave has Oblivion on his so I get distracted and don't keep the things up when I should. (it has to be said, Oblivion is the bast game and if you have a spare few hundred hours get it now!)

But don't think I'm working on Good Friday! That would be silly. I'm back down south, amidst in my family's bosom and while my sisters and Ma work out what shrubs to get to cover the garden from prying eyes, I thought I'd get my arse in gear and write some words.

Because of having a few days off I've actually been doing quite a bit of work down the allotment. Weeding in beds that have crops have been done an the top half looks a lot better for it too. Sugar snaps and radish are in the ground and will hopefully grow even though we've been having a few frosts. The pink fir apple potatoes are in at the bottom of the plot. I'm hoping I've not planted them too deeply, I have a sneaky suspicion I have. Ma's going to find out in a sec.

Top of the allotment on the 10th Apr

On the potato front, my desiree potatoes are chitting away like mad and I'll have to pop them in the ground soon, but that's a job for next weekend.

The garlic's doing really well, I can't wait to roast some of that in June. I had one of the old boys telling me that the garlic grown round here down't turn out like it does in the supermarket as it doesn't grow into cloves, but surely that's why you plant it in winter, so it divides?

Red onions and shallots are finially appearing which is great news as I thought they had snuffed it, they're such slow growers!

Unfortunately, I still have a mass of weeds and mess in the middle of the plot. It's a pain and weeding on my own is no fun. I've come to the conclusion that I'll dig up when I'm going to prepare a bed in that area. There's no time now to spend a whole day digging when there's so many plants to plant.

Much more to write including new neighbours and strange unidentifiable plants, but the girls want to visit the garden centre up the road, so I'll save that for later today or tomorrow, or the next day, or next week….

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