neighbours and unidentifiable plants

Maybe it's because I've been working on the plot during the week that I've seen more people there. Old boys mainly. Finally met my next door neighbour (not Shiraz the shed sharer, have yet to see her). I think he could be called Joe, I think that's what out plot manager called him but I also think I might have made that up. Actually, let's just call this man Ian. Ian said hello, went on for about ten minutes about the previous owner of my allotment, apparently he was a teacher and would do a bit of work, do nowt for weeks, come back and just sit around. Ian complained that the plot had been left to waste for years. I think there was a threatening tone in his voice, but I can't be too sure. He also thought the garlic I was growing were leeks and he stole a load of water from the public tanks to one of his own, which is a bit naughty really. Ian also gave me three of his leeks, not out of kindness mind but because "they'll go to seed otherwise". Still, he seems a nice enough chap. 

I also met Gregory, a old Greek man who thought I was a nurse (no idea where he got that one from) who has a very sweet little Jack Russel dog following him at all times. He practically has a house at the end of his plot, one one of the most organised allotments in the entire Enfield borough. Lots of raised beds and he has notebooks on everything he has planted and where they were put. He gave me some plants that he had lifted from one of his beds and by looking at his notepad, he knew exactly what colours they were going to turn in. As I have some proper gardeners reading this here blog, can anyone identify these plants? The picture's not that clear (sorry, camera phone) but I have two clumps full of tubers, which are about 3-4 inches long. One clump will have yellow flowers and the other will have pink/red. Ma thinks they might be dahlias. Do you have any ideas?

what are they? Triffids?    

4 Responses

  1. They look very much like dahlias to me…

  2. I agree, they do look like Dalia Tubers, you could take cuttings or just plant them. Beware of frosts

  3. Yup, Dahlias. As Alan said, protect from frost when you plant them … I love Dahlias, and they’re very “now”, so well done!

  4. So definitely dahlias then! Mother’s always right it seems! Thanks for letting me know guys, as you may tell I’m not the most experienced of gardeners and every day on the allotment is a brand new lesson. Be prepared for more annoying questions as the growing season continues. What’s that? A courgette? Who’s have thought! Etc etc…

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