Where are you? Where??

So, farewell then, my mini poly-tunnel. You were held down by bricks, but that wasn't enough to stop you from flying away into the depths of Palmers Green.

Arse, and I had plans for that, as well.

I shouldn't really be writing this post. I'm just procrastinating. I have my appraisal to write and send to my boss, and I've got to get down the lottie at some point today and do some work, as I avoided going there over the entire weekend (I've got the week off, hooray for Easter recess!). I bought a winter jasmine and a climbing rose to go up the arch so I shall be planting that for def today. I only hope that the soil will be ok to dig, last weekend it was so thick, it was impossible to weed. Bah.

Now, I'll just make a cup of coffee, have a quick wee and then I'll get down to writing my report. Or maybe I shall have a quick go on Oblivion first…

crazy fool

6 Responses

  1. Oh dear – the mystery of the disappearing poly tunnel!

    And remember, procrastination should be embraced and enjoyed. I do have a wonderful anecdote about procrastination and freudian slips, but it’s best enjoyed over wine and food rather than the internet. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that it’s both hilarious and educational, honest.

  2. That’s a real shame about your tunnel. I bet it’s magically blown away to some wind-harnessing gardener’s plot

  3. Bit of a cliffhanger with that anecdote – I will have to attend more dinner parties and then I might get hear it. Can we have a clue?

    Shame about the poly tunnel as well but it was really windy on the weekend. We found ours wrapped around the neighbor’s sprouts again!

  4. Chances are I’ll find the plastic in another allotmenteers plot who’ll claim they’ve found it from some skip or other.
    It was very windy last weekend wasn’t it? I didn’t quite realise how exposed the plot was until last Saturday.

    I’d like a clue about that anecdote too! I’m rather intregued.

  5. Was the wind blowing south east? I’m sure I saw a white cloche flying over my house a couple of days ago? 😛

  6. Hey….didn’t that used to be my poly-tunnerl?

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