Being Green with lots of facial hair

One day I hope to be living in a cottage in the middle of the countryside with a couple of acres of land, grow enough food to keep me fed all year round, have a couple of pigs, some hens and lots of cats. Starting up a home like that is going to be very difficult. Costs will be high and preparing ground and getting everything right will take years.

Dick Strawbridge

Did any of you catch It's Not Easy Being Green last night? I think, dear reader that we can breathe a sigh of relief, because it seems that living a self sufficient life is actually really easy! All you need is an ex-army engineer, a physicist and a rabble of strapping young students who will do all your work for nowt! I did enjoy this programme, to an extent, it made me dream that one day, maybe, I'll be living the good life. And how good did the Strawbridges make life look? Did you ever get the feeling that that family were almost too perfect? There was nothing that a laugh and a smile could do, even having rain water drip onto the electric meter had the wife in hysterics. Sort of. With a programme like this, you want to see some arguments and grumpiness. It would have been interesting to see the children's reactions when told they were moving away from their friends and partners. That would have been good TV.

How many times was the aqueduct explained? What's that? It carries water from the stream to the water wheel? Really! And I thought it was there so that they can recreate some of the water parks from Florida! And what's that? The water wheel collects the water from the aqueduct and the force from that turns it round! And that will produce electricity! Which will power all the lights in the house! Gosh! That's fascinating! But did you really have to tell us that five times in the space of ten minutes? Really, it's not exactly rocket science is it? Ok, it's physics, but you know what I mean. What makes that all the more annoying is that anything that was slightly complicated in the programme was brushed aside and never explained.

The wheel was impressive though.

And so was Dick's mustache!

So many things niggled me about that programme, everything seemed all too perfect, but I think that's because I'm just jealous. It's no River Cottage though, is it?

What did you think of the programme? 

9 Responses

  1. Loved it – expecting neighbour hassle soon – wouldn’t like to be esponsible for the cooking.

  2. Watched video of prog earlier this evening-yes I agree it was a bit too perfect though I do recall seeing the Dad almost lose his temper once.
    Also he’s doing his own voice over so maybe he’s doing the editing as well!
    Don’t you just want to chop or at least trim that awful moustache!!!!

  3. Oh god. PLease tell me that wanting to lead a self-sufficient life does not lead to growing ridiculous facial hair. I have enough trouble keeping the hairs under my chin in order!

  4. That neighbour in the programme was quite funny in the last show, typical nosey villger.

    That moustache is the most annoying thing on TV. How could his wife kiss that? And if he shaved it off, he’d double the size of his compost heap.

  5. It didn’t strike me as a very well thought out show. Lots of potential but a big let down really. I will continue to watch tho as next week Sarah Beenie’s back on the other side with more rubbish.

  6. It’s all too contrived isn’t it? Dick was a scrapheap challenger….but which team was it? Can’t remember.

  7. Still not convinced even watching the second show (I say I saw it, but I onlt caught the last five minutes). You’re right Clodhopper, he was in scrapheap has the info on the team. Three brothers all with terrible facial hair.

  8. Saw it and enjoyed it but also realised that yes, it is that bit easier if you have a) 2 families doing it and pooling their money, b) a lucrative TV/public speaking career to keep the money coming in and c) a TV crew following you around to help smooth things over. I imagine the background in engineering and physics help as well.

    Still, it was a nice way to day dream and I may well try the solar heat sink for the greenhouse myself next year.

  9. How self sufficient would D. Strawbridge be without big fat forces pension . Did he have that ridiculous face fungus and non- haircut in the forces ? Looks like a good slimming session could do him good . These overgrown Boy Scouts whove lived half their lives on taxpayers money make me sick .

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