Blurred seeds in newspaper pots. Some of them are growing. Hurrah!


As promised, here is a list of seeds sown so far. Wooo! 

Two weeks ago: 

Carrot – Chantenay Red Cored 

Leek – Musselburgh 

Sugar Snap peas

18th March: 





Land Cress 

Corn Salad 

Radish – French Breakfast Pepper 


Cabbage – Tundra 

And the Devil’s Nads themselves,
Brussels Sprouts. I’m only growing them for Christmas dinner. 

The carrots and radish have already started growing, which is nice. Oh, and happy spring! 


8 Responses

  1. Hello there! you’ve got a great display of paper pots! A lovely site too!

  2. Would those seed trays happen to be of the Wilko variety?

  3. Thank you Al! You’re very kind. I’m rather proud of my paper pots, it’s the best way of using my flatmate’s Sunday Mail.
    I do have some Wilkos seed trays, Wizer, but they’ve yet to be used. The lids are from the mighty shop, but the green trays I got from Homebase, where I bought three but the lady only zapped one. Which means I have shop-lifted two seed trays. Tee hee! Ahem. I mean, I shall be taking them back straight away and paying for them.

  4. Excellent. Have you sown everything straight into the newspaper pots? I have been spending every free minute making more pots.

  5. Tell me about it! My hands are permanently grey. When it comes to buying newspapers I’m not thinking of it’s content anymore, just how many pots I can get from it. The Guardian is no longer big enough, the Sunday Times is the only one that will do. It’s almost obsessive making these pots, because no matter how many you make, it’s never enough. One Musewell Times for example only does one and a half seed trays. Oh, and as much as I hate it, the Mail makes some very nice pots, they always keep their shape.

    I need to get out more…

  6. in my seed trays I can fit 12 pots very snugly. I never buy newspapers but we get 3 free news papers a week and I pick up the metro on my way to work. I get to about 6 and just lose interest.

  7. I have been making the pots like those but feel they are rather large for my purposes….also only two would fit across the width of my seed trays. So I have modified the design a bit. When I get to the double folding of the wings, I make the first fold overlap the middle by almost an inch…this gives a smaler pot and three fit nicely across my seed trays now.
    I also secure them with a staple either side. Probably unnecessary, but I feel better about them!

  8. Ooooh! I like your thinking Lilymarlene, I shall try that this evening, thanks for the tip.

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