Mildew’s Little Helpers

Well that’s been one of the most fulfilling weekends in a long time. So many seeds have been sown in my newspaper pots. Two tabloids have been made up but what with my crazy brain and everything I’ve forgotten what I’ve sown exactly, will post tomorrow. It may not be interesting for you, but this is the only place where I have all my allotmenting info in one place without the risk of losing it under my bed or behind the sofa.
I noticed this morning before shooting off to work that the carrot and radish seeds I’d sown last week have started to germinate. That’s pretty quick isn’t it? Very exciting to see something grow and I can’t wait to plant them into the allotment.  
During a party at about one in the morning, I drunkenly texted Shiraz the Shed Sharer (grr) to say hello and give her the padlock combination number for the shed. Despite my reservations about sharing, over the phone she sounded very cool and I’m looking forward to meeting her.
Dave and Joe helped out yesterday. They were saviours. Lots of digging was done and they helped put up the incredibly cheap cloche and the metal arch, where I plan to grow sweet pea and runner beans. Considering both items only gave assembly guides rather than instructions, I’m more than grateful for their help. I doubt I’d have been able to put those things up on my own, especially as the arch is over 2m tall and there seemed to be force 10 winds when the tunnel was put up.

Joe in the arch   It's my Dave! And he's digging! Never in a million years would you find him gardening, but for Valentines, he gave me a half days work. You're great Dave!
The best thing about having people help you is that after a days work you can actually see progress. It can get a bit disheartening at time when you spend a couple of hours digging and end up clearing a space of what seems like 5cm². Yesterday, I’ve not felt so happy in a long time; things had got done, I was in great company, we had a lovely picnic, the weather was fabulous and brandy was abound. There’s also a mutual support when there’s other people around, I did much more work yesterday than I do on my own. I don’t half hurt this morning mind.
So many thanks to Joe and Dave for helping and you’re more than welcome to come along again!

Well earned break.

I’ve got really excited about the plot now. I’ve always loved it, but with over half the plot weed free, with seeds sown and with Spring definitely in the air and with the clocks going forward next weekend I can’t wait to really get my teeth stuck in. And thankfully I’m only working one day a week during the Easter recess so I can do lots of work then. Hooray!

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  1. No worries – was not as knackering as last time – probly cus I got there 2 hrs after I said I would – good old hangover! – I expect to see the cloche floating half a mile over southgate in the next few days, carried by stong spring winds. See you down the lots ina few weeks…

  2. Well done guys. Not long now and you’ll be able to enjoy a lovely cold drink surveying the fruits of all your hard work. At least I hope that’s what comes next!

  3. Lucky you being able to work on your lottie alas yesterday I spent the day indoors being deafened at a very noisy majorette competition!
    Beware of cheap arches – mine has just snapped in 3 places after only 2 or 3 years-it’s now tied up to a metal stake as there’s a healthy clematis growing up and over it!
    Don’t think attaching a hanging basket helped much -can’t count how many times I managed to concuss myself when walking through the arch-only recently moved the basket to the apple tree!!!

  4. Joe – that’s what I’m concerned about. If I find it stuck up Peter’s fig tree next weekend, I’m not going to be happy!

    Wizer – that’s the plan, it’s going to be ace up there in a warm summers evening with a cold glass of wine. Mmmm.

    Jean – Thanks for the advice! I shall keep an eye on it, it’s only going to be used for sweet peas and maybe runner beans (although I’d love a climbing rose) but I suppose you get what you pay for.

  5. Oh Wizer, I forgot to mention. You left the 100th comment here. Well done! You win some seeds if you want some.

  6. wow i’ve never won anything before! I want to thank my family for their support, my dog for being a little annoying but most of all I want to thank the fans.

    what did I win?

  7. Well if you like you can have a selection of radish, broad beas, cape gooseberry, some salad seeds and whatever else I spy. Email me your address and I’ll send them on.

  8. I think I have all the seeds I need for this season. Thanks for the offer. Maybe in mid-summer when everything goes wrong on my plot you can send me some produce!

  9. If Wizer doesn’t want the Cape Gooseberry seeds then I’ll have them! Love Ma xx

  10. Of course you can Ma! Hopefully I’ll see you over easter and I’ll give you some then.

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