Sore Thumbs

A rather disjointed post again today, no work on the allotment again so a quick round up on the things I’ve been up to over the weekend.
As usual, my plans never usually happen. That busy Friday I had planned last week? Well, I failed to get to Wilkos, that cloche is still waiting for me, I didn’t make that yummy sounding chocolate risotto (although I can’t wait to try it) and I still haven’t planted any damn seeds.  I did however buy some more potatoes, desiree, which should be very nice and are already sprouting (probably because Homebase have had the seed potatoes stuffed on it’s shelf for two months now) and trade in my old PS2 games and get summat for the DS.
My thumbs really, really hurt. I didn’t get Nintendogs as mentioned before, but Mario Kart instead. It’s a rather addictive racing game that allows me to lose to 12 year Americans over the wi-fi thingymigig. If anybody fancies thrashing me (ooh-er) then give me a buzz and I’ll email you my friend code.
A big congratulations to Dave (not my Dave, that would be crazy) and Kathryn who got married on Saturday! It was a lovely wedding, there’s not enough receptions that have giant Jenga and Connect 4, and much to the amusement to my Dave’s family, I caught the bouquet.  Mwhahaha!

These flowers have the power to strike fear and horror in Dave's heart. I rather like them.

4 Responses

  1. So not only content with tormenting me with your catching skills and broadcasting it to my entire family you also just had to advertise on your blog……..are these very subtle hints?

  2. Absolutely not!

  3. I feel for you Dave.

  4. Hey, I’m not that bad. It’s just amusing, that’s all.

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