Hooray! It’s almost the weekend again! Here’s what I plan to do after I finish work:
·         Walk to flatmate’s work and pick up keys to flat.
·         Exchange 3 year old PS2 games for Nintendogs.
·         Pop up to Homebase and get some maincrop potatoes and chit them.
·         Pop into Wilko’s and get a cloche. Only five pounds!
·         Make some bread
·         Create more newspaper pots
·         Plant some damn seeds
·         Bake this
It’s a busy Friday! Although it has to be said, if I’m buying Nintendogs then none of the above will be done. Nor will the planned digging on Saturday either and I’ll forget to go to the wedding down in Eastbourne tomorrow evening. Probably.
Not that I can really tell as WordPress’ stats have gone down, but I think it’s been one of the busiest weeks here in Mildew Towers. Many thanks, it’s been fun, including the talk of high speed toe nails and grey pant hair!

4 Responses

  1. At least youhave plans to do growing related things – I can’t even manage that at the moment. we’ve got rehearsals all weekend in Nottingham so no planting for me. ANd my hope to get down the allotment on Monday is now shot to pieces as I will have ot go into work in Leicester. Gah!

    Enjoy your weekend and your chocolate risotto!

  2. Can you get a PS2 Allotment game?…a bit like The Sims, but where you have to take over the whole site by winning veg shows, and raising hard to grow varieties…I see a business opportunity…we could call it “Shedheads”.

  3. Nintendogs? and I thought I was the only nerd around here.

    I won’t be up the allotment tomorrow and depending on how bad my hangover is, probably not on Sunday either. I keep banging on about my seeds, I must sort it out soon or my plot will be all tata’s (say that in a saaf laandan accent).

  4. Clare – Down with work on a Monday! At least your rehearsals are going well and your weekend was put to good use, even if it wasn’t working in the allotment. There’s still plenty of time to get things done though, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    Greenmantle – You know, I have a feeling there’s been something familiar before. Harvest Moon http://www.hmfarm.com/ is a farm based game where you get to grow crops, but a lottie one would be interesting, I Sims based one like you say and have mini games where you get to fight grumpy old men over a slightly out of place raised bed (with a finishing move that includes a spade!) and there could be some kind of racing game where you race with your wheelbarrow to get the fresh pile of manure first. It could work.

    WiZeR – Don’t worry, you’re not the only nerd. Apparently, according to my flatmate (who’s a stylist who works in Soho so she MUST be cool) having an allotment only adds to my geekiness. Hmm.

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