Sharing? Bah humbug!

Apologies if this post sounds a bit funny, but I’m having one of those days when nothing is going my way. How dare it! 

I’ve just discovered my first grey hair. Slippers and pipe to follow. 

Anyone going to
Eastbourne on Saturday? I need a lift. 

Shiraz, the lady who’s having the allotment below me left a message on my phone last night. Before Christmas I agreed that she could share my shed as a) it’s a nice thing to do, b) Peter the site manager asked if I would as sheds are few and far between, c) apparently she’s about my age and I could make a new chum and d) it would help my, I mean Dave’s costs as she would have to pay half the shed rent. (I’m not actually sure if
Shiraz realises this last point, but I’ll give her the good news tonight) 

However, I’m having second thoughts about letting her share. Sure, there’s plenty of room for her, but I’ve got comfortable in my little shed and I’ve organised it the way I want with all my equipment in the places I want them. The one thing I really love about my shed and my allotment is that it is a place where I can go to spend time alone, having someone else there will just ruin that. 

I’m more than aware of the fact that these feelings are totally selfish and I should be glad there’s another young-ish person joining our community and the pros more than outweigh the cons but I want my shed my own. Is that wrong? 

14 Responses

  1. Ah! The first grey hair. I wish I could remember when I found mine.

    I\’m right with you on the solitary shed thing. I have no shed, but I much prefer being down the allotment on my own. Aside from being able to sing very loudly without too much embarassment, it also means I can just be alone with my thoughts. I spend so much of my working life juggling the needs of other people that time alone is very important to me. Perhaps I\’m just a miserable cow.

    Maybe you could still share the shed but discuss your need for solitude and instigate a \’do not disturb\’ sign on the door? That way you might get the best of both worlds – a chum for when you feel sociable and space for when you need some \’me\’ time.

  2. I’m with you both – a shed is a personal space and not for sharing. I’m not sure how’d you tackle it but I know I’d never be happy.

    As for grey hairs, well I’m older then you two I bet (35butnearly36) and I haven’t found one 😀 It’s when my *ahem* ‘nether regions’ go grey I know I’m in trouble 😦

  3. HB – not older than me, I too will be 36 this year. But evidently I am going greyer than you as I have already had to cope with finding the first grey hair in my knickers. Then I made the mistake of telling friends about it over drinks. Trust me – it;s not a good idea.

  4. I’d tell you how I plan to get around that, but you probably don’t want to know *cough*bic*cough*


  5. no it is not wrong we all need our own place where we can go and be alone with our own thoughts. this gives us time to heal and regain our blance.

  6. Hi Mildew, totaly agree on the shed thing, I’d hate to share my shed with a stranger. It might be nice to have the occaisional bit of help on the allotment (imagine that), but generally I prefer the peace and quiet.

    oh and on the grey hair thing, you should all count yourself lucky. I am almost certainly younger than all of you (by as much as 10yrs) and have almost a complete head of grey hair! Chest, Legs, Eyebrows, ‘Down There’ and even Nostrils!

  7. WiZeR – Are you in fact Philip Schofield?
    How old are you? I’m rather interested in discovering peoples ages, especially gardening people as it’s always been a typicially ‘old mans’ game. I’m 26, 27 in May. Why am I feeling really old?

  8. Your four months older than me. So yes, you’re really old.

  9. Oh dear I’m much older than you all it seems-never mind the grey hairs wait till you’re so old your toe nails become so thick you can no longer cut them with scissors!
    I was using clippers the other day and nearly blinded myself when a piece of flying toe nail just missed my eye!!!

  10. hmm sounds familiar Jean… maybe i AM Philip Schofield 😕

  11. WiZer, If you are indeed the nation’s favourite, Pip Scholfield, could you put in a good word for me with Holly offa that ice program you do?

    Jean – have you thought of hiring yourself out to the army? You could take down planes, you know.

    Mildew – 27? A mere babe 🙂

  12. To right mate!

    I was toying with idea of sharing my plot with someone as there’s more ground than I really need…til I realised this meant sharing the shed…Sod that! I’ll grow green manure on the rest of it before I’ll let some interloper in “Shed Central Command” to tinker with my tools!

  13. Jean, I can hardly wait!

    Why thank you HB, you are most kind

    Greenmantle, I fear that someone else will be tinkering with my tools is not the most plesant thought. Ah well, what’s done is done. Lets hope she works weekends.

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