If Dispatches ever ask you for any footage towards the end of what was a rather nice working day, refuse and do it Monday. Otherwise half the tape machines will fail to work, the matrix will bugger up and patching won’t do anything. You’ll also stay at work two and a half hours later than planned and you’ll end up in work the next morning faced with exactly the same problems as last night with no engineers in sight when you should be up in the allotment digging. Arse.

Stupid Beta SP machine. What does this mean?!?!?!

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  1. In an allotment digging arse? i didnt know you had that in your allotment…… ok i’ll shut up. Calm down though, big breaths!

  2. Is it a good dispatches or one of their (many) crap ones? If the later, put an episode of The Simpson on instead – the one where Homer thinks Bart is gay and takes him to the steelmill. I nearly prolapsed laughing at that one!

  3. Keep reaching for the rainbow!

    Actually it was for Panorama, I always get those two mixed up (hmmm, now did I send the tape to the right channel?). I’ve yet to recieve the master tape. My collegues are going to kill me when they find out…

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