Fork ‘n’ hail!

It was rather nice coming back  to work after a break in the snow this morning, shame that it turned to a nasty sleet the nearer to got to the centre of town really, and I really quite fancied staying at home and wondering up to Alexandra Palace and play and run and stick my tongue out in the snow. Uh, I mean go up to the garden centre and have a look around in a very mature way.
Weekend was very nice, thank you for asking, lots of drinking wine and Mildews and smelling the sea air while walking along the old market and buying rhubarb plants to replace the one I snapped when I planted it a while back.Somewhere beyond that mist is the Isle of Wight Can you see the hail. There's a lot of it there, honest

 I’ve been back on the allotment for the past few days as I’ve been off work (hooray for recess!) and I’ve never been so cold. No one has been about either, mainly because it keeps raining and everyone else on the plot are a lot more sensible than me. It’s felt like I’ve been on the moors. Actually it’s been quite fun digging for a bit, getting hit by a shower, dashing into the shed to have a cup of tea or some soup and waiting for the rain to pass before going out there again, although having hail beat down on you is fun for a bit until you realise that little balls of ice hurt a bit. Actually, they hurt a lot.
Yesterdays digging didn’t last long due to a numb bottom and the feeling that one of my toes was going to fall off. Digging session would have probably lasted longer if it hadn’t been for the following telephone conversation:

Me: Hullo Dave, how are you?
Dave: I’m still suffering for Man-flu. How are you?
Me: Bloody freezing! But I’m going to carry on digging and get most of the plot done and then I’ll be able to plant my loganberries and rhubarb then.
Dave: I’m making a bacon sandwich.
Me: I’ll be round in ten minutes!

It was a good sandwich. The bottom half of the plot is done which is nice so I’ll get a nice covering of weeds there in a weeks time. Oh and I noticed that the rhubarb that I thought I killed has actually grown a leaf and I see that the broad beans are struggling to survive and even have proper leaves now. Huzzah!


Freshly dug



2 Responses

  1. And now you’re green as well as funky! Every time I visit there’s a new design! 😉 Like it.

    And bacon sarnies are temptation in its purest form.

  2. They are indeed, especially as Dave makes the best bacon sandwiches in the world

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