Valentine Recipes

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines day yesterday. Dave very kindly gave me a vase of purple tulips, a hip flask (mmm… brandy. Things could get interesting down on the plot now) and he has pledged a days work down on the allotment! Many thanks lover. I’ll go easy on you. In return I cooked dinner. It wasn’t as nice as Wild Burro’s Val dinner, but it was tasty. Fillet steak with dauphinoise potatoes.

To make: 

  • Slice and par boil potatoes 
  • Layer them in a oven proof dish adding chopped onion, garlic, grated parmesan cheese, chopped thyme and plenty of salt and pepper. 
  • Pour over single cream. 
  • Bung in the oven till the potatoes are cooked. 
  • Eat. 

I was so pleased with the pots I took a photo.

I also created a brand new cocktail. (chances are it exists somewhere, but it’s mine now) I call it The Mildew. You make it thus: 

  • 1 part vodka 
  • 1 part gin 
  • 2 parts cranberry juice 
  • fresh lime juice to taste 
  • Shake with ice, pour into a martini glass and top up with tonic water. It’s quite nice. 

4 Responses

  1. Barkeep! Make a Flaming Mildew and be quick about it!

    ~~~ 15 Flaming mildews Later… ~~~

    Eyesluvsyouseyouliddlefookeryou. Yourshmymateyousare. Comeand digshumstuffwivme. Gawwwaan. Comeanshdigsmeplot. Hic. Burp.

  2. That’s a scarily accurate description of me last night, that.

  3. And purple tulips all round!

    The mildew sounds yummy – and with the cranberry juice you just know it’s great for the ol’ urinary tract! Lethal and yet healthy – there’s somethng you don;t see every day!

  4. Clare – you are waste product obsessed, you are! There’s a great future for you in certain dodgy German films, you know. 😀

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