Oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooh! Mys-ter-ious holes…

…I want to get rid of you! 

Popped down to the allotment on a bright Saturday morning to have a quick look around and dump some kitchen waste in the bin. I discovered these holes close to the broad beans, which is slightly worrying as I think they might be mice holes. They’re about 2cm apart. Any ideas dear reader?


The compost bin is looking rather lovely now, with plenty of stuff in there to get bacteria going once the air starts warming up, even though it looks like there’s grass growing through. Hmm. Anyway, here’s a picture of it as I’m still going through my ‘take pictures of everything as I have a Flickr account and think that the pics look nice in the blog’ phase. 

Duke and Ian survived the vodka jelly on Saturday, I didn’t fare so well (that jelly is evil) and was rather pleased that it bucketed it down yesterday and prevented me from doing any digging. I slept on Dave’s living room floor and watched the Princess Bride for the rest of the day. I’m not actually sure when I’m going to get round to digging, I’m off to Mum and Dad’s next weekend. Hmm. Maybe the next one. Maybe.



7 Responses

  1. I think probably are the likely culprits – little bu**ers. But then again, the holes look very regular, don’t they?

    I’ve got a similar problem, except that the holes are a lot bigger – wood pigeons? Anyway, today I’m going to sow some more broad beans in paper pots to full in the gaps.

  2. PS. Happy to hear the fish survived.

  3. They are odd indeed, I’d like to think that they’re entrance holes for a group of tiny people living in a secret undergound base who are currently plotting to hold the world to ransom by threatening to blow up London and New York by firing thousands of tiny nuclear weapons at them. They will, of course, be thwarted by a tiny James Bond.

    I’m not sure if Wood Pigeons dig. Maybe it’s a squirrel? Or a badger. That would be cool.

    I’m happy they survived too!

  4. Look at that! I pop back briefly and don’t recognise the place! I love the cool blue. Very sophisticated.

    I do wonder if perhaps you need to tell someone about your Lilliputian conspiracy theory – a mental health professional perhaps? 😉

  5. Ohhhhh, you’ve redecorated. Very nice. Very chic.

    I’ve no idea what the holes are (if it is a tiny SMERSH operation, look out for a secret opening on the top of your compost heap with tiny helicopters flying in and out – it’s always a sure sign) but the fact you’ve quoted Peter Andre at me means I laughed too much to see them through the tears properly.

    p.s. The Princess Bride – top film, good choice.

  6. Do you thnk the blue’s ok? It gave me a bit of a shock this morning, it’s all so different. Expect a completly new look in a couple of months time when I get bored with this one.
    I actually know a psycologist and he says I’m ok. I will however be looking out for tiny helicopters. Do you think they’ll be good pollinators in the summer?

    That was the first time I’d seen the Princess Bride and it was great! It makes me wish I had seen it as a kid, it would have been the best film ever.

  7. I think that if SMERSH move into the business of pollinating your flowers, it’ll only be to breed Trifids with which to hold the world to ransom for… ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!

    Watch out, I say.

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