On a Thursday, my flatmate works late so I have the flat to myself. It gives me plenty of time to watch Horizon, have a go on the Playstation and arse around in the kitchen. Last night I made soda bread. At least I tried to, it got a little too crispy on the top and it was a little too heavy (and not cooked enough), but I work by trial and error (as I’ve just wonderfully displayed here at work trying to patch a tape machine. Call myself a technician? Jeeze..) so I shall have a perfectly decent loaf of bread soon. I hope.

I’m planning not to do too much in the allotment this weekend, apart from finally getting rid of all the compost stuff that’s been in the fridge for the past two weeks, it’s Dave’s birthday party on Saturday, so no digging that day unless I want to fall asleep on the sofa at about nine in the evening (although that’ll probably happen anyway as I’ll invariably end up having too many vodka jellies) and Sunday I would expect will be spent recovering from too many vodka jellies.  But you never know, it might be a beautiful day and digging may be the perfect excuse to not help with clearing the post party flat…



5 Responses

  1. Good luck with the vodka jellies and hangover 🙂

  2. Oh, and happy burpday to the fish killer 😉

  3. That looks delicious – very rustic. I’ve not attempted to make bread yet, but it looks fun. Stick the recipe on here when you come up with a loaf you’re proud of :-).

  4. Many thanks Mike. I shall let you know when I’ve made the Best Loaf in the World Ever. It really is good fun, you feel you’re going back to rustic roots, something that’s really nice living in the city. It’s really easy too. This recipe doesn’t even need yeast.

  5. That does indeed look good. I’ve mastered most other stuff but I always find bread and pastry very difficult. I’ve tried to make pizza bases and focaccia but never seem to be able to get it right…

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