Lots of seeds

I now have all my seeds for the year. My order from Dobies has just arrived on my desk at work. My Pink Fir Apple potatoes have yet to be delivered  (and that’s going to be interesting when it does, it has to be x-rayed by security and go through the House of Commons. You don’t think they’re going to put them through a controlled explosion do you?) and I need to get some early crop pots, probably Charlotte. Anyway, here’s what’s sitting next to me at the moment and is currently of huge interest to everyone in my office. (Yes it’s a list, but I do need to compile what I have in one place. There will be a list of everything I’ve bought from Wilco’s soon)
Beet – Boltardy
Broccoli – Early purple sprouting
Cape Gooseberry
Carrot – Chantenay Red Cored
Lettuce – Iceburg Dickinson
Sweetcorn – F1 Earlibird
Tomato – F1 Gemini
Pumpkin – F1 Orbit
And here is a picture I’ve just taken of them from my phone:

Last night, inspired by Allotment Lady, I made some butter. It’s really quite easy really as long as you have a blender. Tasty too.



3 Responses

  1. Seeds… I’m so jealous. I can’t do anything until the builders finish… grumble grumble.

  2. Ah, seeds! There’s something so exciting about getting seed packets through the post. All that potential!

    Loving your blog – can’t wait to read more about your progress (which hopefully won’t involve more fish death!)

  3. But with the rate your builders are going Mr Burro, surely you’ll be done by spring? Maybe? You could grow something in a window sill, I managed chillies like that last year, it’s not the same as an actual plot of land and you don’t get your hands as dirty, but it’s summat.

    Clare, when it comes to buying seeds, garden centres are way better, probably because you have the seeds then and there and you don’t have to wait, but receiving the seeds, post wins it all the time. It is dead exciting, mainly because I’ve forgotten what I’ve ordered. Now all there is to do is to come up with some sort of plan. Hmm…
    Thanks for your kind words about the blog and I can give you a no more dead fish Guarantee. Unless someone decides to give Duke and Ian a drink on Saturday night. Hmm.

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