More photos

Yay! I can post photos! I’m a technical wiz, me. Have a look at more!


This is at the bottom of my plot. It’s the huge pile of carpets and rubbish Thisisalloneword helped me dig out a few weeks. It’s still waiting to go down to the dump. I need a car.

garlic A shoot of garlic. It’s looking really well, unlike the broad beans which have brown patches on them and two had been dug out for some reason.


Dead slugs in frozen beer. Nice.

So, I didn’t spent too long on the allotment this morning as it was far too cold to do any kind of work there (note to self: wear warmer jumpers, warmer socks and bring gloves next time) but I did take a few snaps of things and measured the plot. Having only found a tape measure 1 meter in length, it took a while to get the dimentions (it’s 170″ x 816″. I really need to convert those figures…) but now I have them I can draw some plans up. Hoorah!


One Response

  1. Yay! Look at you go, you IT god you 😉

    Seriously, great shot of your allotment – it’ll be fun watching you transform it over the coming weeks.

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