It’s at this time of year when things need to be sorted, organised in a Zen like way and generally get ready for the year. For instance, over the weekend I sorted out all my clothes I don’t wear any more and have put them into sacks to give to charity. I now have an entire wardrobe empty and ready to store all my other crap I have floating around the flat. It has also made me think that I really do need to organise myself in the allotment a bit more and do things I’ve been wanting to do for ages but have yet to get round to it, so here is a list for Friday morning’s session on the plot:
·          Borrow Dave’s camera and take some nice photos
·          Don’t forget breakfast and compost
·          Bring a tape measure to measure plot
·          Draw scale drawing of plot with new found measurements and try and draw some   kind of plan for the plot and try and make it as nice as My Tiny Plot’s
·          Get rid of some of that bloody carpet pile
·          Tell Peter that no, I won’t be paying you any rent for the plot because the council has already received their rent for this year
·          Try and not get too freaked out by the spiders in the shed
·          Tut at the frost destroyed broad beans (maybe. I really do hope they’re as hardy as they say they are)
·          Try my damndest not to partake in Woolworth’s buy one get one free shrubs offer. They’ve got blueberries and raspberries!

3 Responses

  1. Why not get a couple of pots of jam instead of shrubs? They’ve got seeds in them (unless you get the unseeded variety of course). They may be cheaper than the shrubs, plus, once you’ve extracted the seeds you have the added bonus of a nice jam sandwich to look forward to.

  2. Woolworths doesn’t sell jam.

  3. I hate seeds in jam – yuk!

    Nive allotment, by the way. Don’t envy you all that digging though – hope you have willing helpers 🙂

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