Dirty, dirty nails

Yesterday is how all Sundays should be. Most of the day was spent in the allotment. Archie was buried underneath the gooseberry bush (not that I suggest that burying your pet should be a regular Sunday morning feature), we only knew him a couple of days but it as still touching. Well I cried, but I cry at anything, I discovered a website for an allotment site based in Sturminster Road in Bristol – the road I grew up in and have never been back since my family moved down south and I balled my eyes out. So many memories…Ahem. Just as I covered the last bit of soil over him, we got the only bit of glorious sunshine of the day.  A sign or coincidence? In the mood I’m in I know Archie’s gone to that great big goldfish bowl in the sky. Or something.

Thisisalloneword joined me for a spot of light gardening. I planted my bay and rhubarb (and broke the stem off it, I’m hoping another will grow) and Thisis made a very nice bed and planted the shallots and onions. Then we tackled the bit of wasteland. It’s not a very big bit of land, probably 6x2m, but in it we had dug, tidied, found and pulled up:

2 wheelbarrows of weeds

1 buckets-worth of rotten potatoes from someone else’s plot.

4 slowworms

5 long poles

Lots of rotting carpet. There is now a pile of it that comes up to my chest and is dangerously close to toppling over the compost bin and crushing the lavender waiting for a trip to the dump.  How can one person need so much in such a small space? It didn’t even do a very good job of mulching, grass just grew through it.

Can I just say how excited I am about the fact I have slowworms? They are very cool beings and I’m very proud to house them. Now, was it Mr. Humphries who said to have a bit of corrugated iron somewhere for them?

“And how was the rest of the day spent to make that Sunday so great?” I hear one of you cry. Well, it was spent walking the canals up to the nice part of Enfield and going down to the pub that’s how.

I’ve just realised that my fingernails are still dirty from yesterdays work. Ugh.  


2 Responses

  1. I like the new blog Mildew. I was thinking of changing over too before it’s too late. Do you have to pay for it?

  2. Thank you very much Notes, you’re most kind. It’s not bad is it? The nice thing about this, is it is free. Hooray! It was reccomended to me and now I reccomend it to you. It works quite well, and you can back-date posts so I’ve put all my old stuff in here, which is nice. You can’t really play around with the layouts though, which is a shame.

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