monkey pencil

Just to the north of Enfield is a road called Crews Hill. I prefer to
call it Heaven. It’s a very rural road about three miles long and all
it seems to have along side it are garden centres, after garden centres
after garden centres. It’s a very dangerous place as I’m in trouble of
spending an entire months wage in one go. Yes I know mail order is
cheaper, but garden centre shopping is more instant and gratifying.
And there’s something about the cafes there I rather like too. It’s
like an old peoples home, but without the smell of cabbage and a lot less senility. Tea
tastes better at these places too. If you’re ever in London, the
best place for a cup of tea is the Alexandra Palace garden centre,
all their seating is on the roof of the building and you can look out
onto the city yet feel you’re in countryside.
The reason we went was to find a replacement for Archie, Dave’s short lived goldfish. We got two more in the end, so now there are three fish swimming merrily in Dave’s tank. Duke, Clint and the one I was allowed to choose a name for, Ian.
I also managed to get a couple of things for myself. A rhubarb, bay, and some really cheap shallot and onion sets. I’m hoping it’s not too late to plant them. Oh, and I bought a monkey pencil too. It’s cool.
Tomorrow I have a visitor to the plot, fellow 20sixer thisisalloneword, and with all this stuff to plant there should be quite a bit for us to do.

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  1. Hmmm, don’t know how my post changed…

    Anyways, the fishes real names are Duke, Clint and Ian.

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