Ouch those spikes!

Years and years ago my Grandpa had a gooseberry bush in his back garden in Exeter. I remember eating one of the berries and was so put off by the sour taste I vowed never to taste them again. About ten minutes later I tried some gooseberry jam put on some toast by my Grandma.* It was bloody lovely. This proves that lots and lots of sugar can make anything taste good.

So it was on snowy Saturday morning armed with a garden centre voucher I got for Christmas, my very first plant for the allotment was bought.** One gooseberry bush. Invicta is the variety I think, but it could well be Leveller. I’ve left the plant label in the shed and I can’t remember which one it is. Anyway, it’s Mildew resistant which is either a good thing and has less of a chance of getting mould, or it’s going to be resistant to me and will die in the next few months. And is it me or are those spikes evil?

Also bought quite a big lavender plant for 50p, which is quite a bargain, no? Have planted it next to the compost bin and it looks quite nice. I give it four weeks before it ends up in the compost bin.

Oh, and I bought seeds from Wilkinsons. That’s a bad thing isn’t it? But they were buy one get one free and dead cheap… Will buy organic seeds next year.

*There is a very good chance I have made this all up, what with my dodgy memory and all. But I do remember hating fresh gooseberries and loving the jam at some point under the age of 10.

**I’m disregarding the garlic for the sake of romanticism


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