Oooh, we’re in the future now…

A jolly new year to you all. I hope the festive season was full of fun and frolics. I spent a week and a half on the coast with the folks and it was bloody marvellous. Quite frankly, walking to a pub for a pint of real ale down a dark lane sniffing the sea air and just being able to make out the Isle of Wight while seeing hundreds of stars rather than the three you usually get in London, is one of the best soul settling things you can do.

And now, I am back at work, stuck in the dingy basement with builders shouting their heads off in the corridor. Must start looking for new job. Luckily, there’s a job going at the Beeb that sounds quite interesting. Shame I don’t have any experience in sound recording really. But they do ask for someone with an interest in gardening. Hooray! Deadline for applications is today, so I really must get my arse into gear.

Popped down to the allotment yesterday and noticed that the garlic has started to show. I’m very happy with this, I’ve shown myself that I can shove things in the ground and they will grow. It’s also good for another reason , as I never actually marked where I planted the cloves, and was slightly worried I’d plant a whole load of things over half the seeds.

Have learnt that Ikea have a sale on at the moment so I might treat myself with a garden chair if I finally get round to tidying the shed. Found a pallet round the back of Dave’s flat last night so I have bagsied it and will take it apart over the weekend.

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    FlightBuff on 05 January 2006 at 14:55
    And to you too.
    Seeing lots of stars is something I like as well.
    Not really allotmenteering weather at the moment is it. Never mind it’ll soon be spring.

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    Mike (Homepage) on 10 January 2006 at 10:57
    It took me about 5 years on the allotment to work out that the most important job is actually getting stuff in the ground! “Not getting round to it” is worse than any pest or disease you could care to mention. Now all I have to do is start putting my words of wisdom into practice, having had another 5 years to think about it…..

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