Beans. Lots of beans.

I do like having Fridays off work. The allotment gives me a reason to get up in the morning. It’s a joy to be going to the site knowing there’s going to be no one there, to stand in the shed and shelter from the wind while enjoying a cup of thermos coffee. I had one of my busiest days at the plot last Friday, planted some broad beans, potted some garlic for friends, had another cup of coffee and as a Christmas present to the plot, I planted some spring bulbs in the scrubland area (thank you very much for that idea Mr Humphries). While trying clear that area a little, I’ve discovered that most of it is covered in carpet and pipes, one of which has wires poking out of it. Lets hope that it’s not connected to anything…

On another note, my flatmate has just informed me that we have mice in the kitchen. Her dad’s just told her to get traps and chocolate and she will duly do so, but I’m not so keen. Are there any humane ways to get rid of them? I’d have a cat* if I could, but I can’t.

* ok, I realise getting a cat to try and catch, then play and terrorise, then kill the mouse isn’t the most humane way, but it’s more natural than a spring loaded trap. They’re just gross.


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