I’m going to smell of garlic all sumer next year…

I have finally planted something in the allotment. Garlic. Beautiful Purple Wight things. I’ve planted two bulbs and I’ve got two more to put in the ground. I might put a few cloves in pots actually, running out of money just before Christmas is not a good idea and I still have presents to buy. Surely what everyone will want is a pot and some compost with a bit of garlic in it?

It’s got me itching to do more on the plot now. Is it too late to sow broad beans these days? Or shall I wait till February? I finally found my packet of seeds, underneath my bed. I’m hoping to get some gardening vouchers for Christmas, there’s a whole lot of compost to get.  And a rake, a decent pen knife, other things…

I’m thinking about what to do with the messy bit at the bottom of my plot. As it’s a half plot, it backs onto another half plot. 85% of my plot was rotavated, which means that the remaining 15% isn’t (don’t ask why, I’ve no idea, this was all done before I signed up) which means that it looks remarkably like the other half plot. I’m concerned that Shiraz, the girl who has the other half, will steal it thinking that it’s hers. To be quite honest, at this stage I can’t be arsed to have more land, but I’m sure my opinion will be changed come the summer. So what do I do? It’s completely grown over. There’s a temptation to put a green house up there, but I also had the idea this morning that what I might do is leave it as it is and maybe just add some flower seed to attract birds and stuff. Maybe get a seat too. I know I could just dig it all over, but that seems like a whole lot of work I can’t be arsed to do. God, I’m lazy.

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    FlightBuff on 12 December 2005 at 22:04
    Leave that 15% as a haven for birds and wildlife. A seat sounds like a good idea.

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    johnhumphries on 13 December 2005 at 13:10
    It may be a bit too fertile to grow wildflowers from seed. I found that growing cowslips and primrose from seed in a bit which was already cultivated worked better for me. When they had got to a decent size I transplanted them.
    What about a wildlife pond, that way frogs and toads would move in and help with the slug problem? I leave a couple of bits of corrugated iron laying around on my plot too, it gives the slow worms somewhere warm to hide in the summer months.

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    Mildew on 13 December 2005 at 16:29
    Haven for wildlife it is then.
    I was thinking a pond, I realy fancy one, not sure if I can have one though. Allotment contract stated that it was to be used for “growing flowers, vegetables, fruit and lawn only” (the temptation to grow a nice lawn and just lie around all summer only lasted a couple of hours). I’ll ask Peter next time I see him.
    I’ll tidy that bit up so it’s at least presentable, and I’ll get some things growing there. I might bung down an apple tree there in the new year too.
    Oooh, I almost forgot to ask Mr Humphries, did you see my question about broad beans? Is it too late to plant them?
    Why is it my comments are longer than my posts?

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    johnhumphries on 14 December 2005 at 14:00
    I’m not having too much success with the broad beans Mildew, I planted some about a month ago and they haven’t come up. I’m going to put the next ten in the ground and start the others off in pots on the window sill. That way I will at least have some to plant out come Feb/March under glass cloches.
    Allotments societies get a bit funny about the amount of water that a pond can use up in the summer, but if its a small one and agree to fill it only with rain water from off of your shed roof then it may concern the allotment society a bit less.
    p.s you may even be lucky and find some cheap daffodil bulbs to plant in your wildlife garden at this time of year.

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