In reply to comments + oooh! I’ve got a crappy virtual pet! Isn’t he cute? He follows your mouse round and everything! Ahhhh…

Mr Buff: Thank you in taking an interest in the allotment. You saying you’ll keep an eye on progress is quite scary. But in a good way. Now if I don’t take the half hour bus ride in my wellies to get to my plot to do something I will now not only be dissapointing me and my mother but people on the net who I’ve never met before too. And that’s not a scarcastic comment, it really is motivation. Proper.

Mr Humphries: Kitchen Garden mag is pretty good isn’t it? Very organic based, which is nice. I knew about broad beans and I have bought seeds. But I’ve forgotton where I put them. I shall have a look tonight.  I have bought Grow Your Own in Tesco, Borders and a newsagent in Enfield. It’s not hugely available, but it is around. There’s quite a bit of wildlife where I am, if feral cats count. There’s bloody hundreds of them. Oh, and I saw a kestral the other day. It hovered around for ages (as it does) and then sat on a pole at the bottom of my plot for a bit. It was chuffing great.


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    johnhumphries on 10 November 2005 at 15:52
    Cats are nice to just sort of have around in the summer though.
    I was thinking about you buying lots of tent pegs the other day and I remembered that I saw knitting needles in a charity shop which would have been useful for the same job, these were going for about 10p a pair. In this neck of the woods people also weigh down the material with some of the clods of earth. Mind you we are on a pritty exposed site, here is what it looked like yesterday.
    Evening on the Allotment
    Good to hear you are organic, will you go for raised beds or are you a row person?

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    FlightBuff on 10 November 2005 at 20:22
    I live in a flat and have no garden (or allotment) but love gardening. I’ve found few blogs about them (LawnChair and nikkipolani4 are two, both in the USA, with the later being a must if you like roses) hence my interest in this one.

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    Head Burro (Homepage) on 02 January 2006 at 16:25
    Hi Mildew – I found your blog from a comment you left on Mike’s blog. Thanks for the link to the pets, I’ve now got Bert installed at WB Paddocks, here:
    I’m looking forward to following your blog in 2006.

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