After doing nothing to the plot for the past month (apart from erecting a compost bin, which now doesn’t quite fit together and the lid is stuck fast; and attending the annual meeting. I think they were talking about sheds for a bit, but the strange smell and the monotone voices led my mind to wonder and I spent the following two hours thinking about monkeys and what would happen if they ruled the Earth) grass has decided to grow over everything.

I’m realising that despite me wanting to spend a good few hours at the plot every Saturday, rather than me turn up, tut at the place and stand there for five minutes before catching the bus home, I need to get organised. A rather obvious point, but one I missed.  I was probably being distracted by those pesky monkeys or summat.

So here is a list of things to do in preparation for next weekend:

Ground cover. The grass could well be used as green manure, but it looks bloody awful.

Lots and lots of tent pegs to keep the cover on the ground and not blowing onto one of the nearby houses.

Garlic bulbs and onions. I might as well start growing something.

Seed catalogues. Lots. It’ll make the postman and the people below me think I’m really popular.


Realise a lot more rolls will be needed to cover the whole plot.

Arrive at the crack of dawn to try and catch Peter so I can finally have my own shed.

Try and propagate some seeds if  painting Dave’s flat avoidable.

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    johnhumphries on 07 November 2005 at 17:50
    You may want to think about getting a subscription to Kitchen Garden rather than Gardeners World.
    Its in most branches of WH Smiths if you want to check it out first.
    You can plant broad beans at this time of year too by the way (and the ones planted now are more resistant to blackfly next spring)
    All the best 🙂

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    Mildew on 08 November 2005 at 11:03
    Oooh, I’ve not tried that one. I shall pop into Borders after work tonight, thank you for the tip! I rather like Grow Your Own mag, dispite their vanity of putting pictures of the writers on every other paragraph.
    Love the Today programme by the way, Mr Humphries

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    johnhumphries on 08 November 2005 at 14:32
    I would go for Aquadulce or Sutton if you want a hardy broad bean that can stand winter conditions Mildew.
    You can see my allotment on the ‘garden shed’ pages of my blog and on Flickr at
    Slug traps
    The Today programme bloke spells his name Humphreys, mine is the same as the camp character played by John Inman in Are You Being Served 🙂
    I’ve never seen Grow Your Own mag, where is that one sold?

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