proper day

First proper day on the allotment . Have managed to turn soil for about half the plot which was much easier after Peter lent me his fork. The soil is quite like a clay but I think it’s more of a loam. Thank my giddy aunt for that.

There’s an awful lot of roots and grass in the soil. Stupid couch grass. Earthworms are abound along with quite a few millipede things that are bright orange with long antennae.  What are they, I wonder? Friend? Or shall I just stamp on them next time I see them?

Allotment is very peaceful with only a handful of people there at one time. Lots of mute swans and Canadian geese flying overhead.

The gates to get in are a complete bastard if you don’t know how to open them. Cue ritual humiliation of me struggling to get them open, while very nice lady in her car patiently waits to get to her plot. And then tells me I’m trying to open them the wrong way.

Had a bit of a scare when I thought I’d buggered up my knee and did my back in at the same time. It’s ok though, it was just my body freaking out with having to do exercise.


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